Monday, March 4, 2013

Hola Family!
Okay I´ll guess I´ll dive right into this. So last Sunday we had our investigator José at church for the first time, he came in a suit and everything. We promised him the week before that heavenly father would help him out with his house situation and his jobless situation. Well that totally happened! First blessing seen from him going to church. While walking home from church, he saw his daughter from another marriage that he hasn't seen in like 4 years. Super legit and he was really happy for that. The next day, he got a call for a job offer!!
It was so awesome and such a miracle. It showed me 2 things. As missionaries and representatives of the lord and heavenly father, we have the ability to promise specific blessings and they will be backed up 100% by Heavenly Father. The second thing it shows me is that literally there are blessings waiting for you. God just wants you to follow the commandments and do what he requires first. It was a real testimony boooooster for me to see this. We found out later though that now José´s new work impedes him from being able to come to church on Sunday... It starts at 7am and ends at like 5pm. Our church starts at 9.30 hours. So yeah, now he cant come anymore. He´s so excited about this job that he´s not really willing to do anything to make it so he can go to church. It makes me think of the story of the 10 lepers, where only one comes back to thank Jesus. Unfortunately our investigator isn't one of the ones that came back. When we´re blessed from God, we need to continue in his ways, not turn the other way and not keep the commandments again. Perhaps we´ll share this story with him. We need to tell him whats up in the nicest way possible. Unfortunately, its probably going to be awkward any way we go about it haha.
 One of our most solid people were dropped this week. We had an intense lesson with them and asked a ton of questions and we found out that she doesn't want to join any church ever. She just wants to learn about all the churches in the world just to know about them. She has agnostic points of view, so she isn't even sure that she belives in God. Its a really sad situation. She had 2 church attendences and most of the lessons done already. Ugh. You can't give someone an interest in something, they have to have it for themselves.
With the family of Hannah, the recent convert, they are setting a marriage date this week and also the mom is changing her job. She doesn't know if she has it for sure, but she seems pretty confident! Transfers are on March 24th of this month! I could stay or I could go. I kind of want to leave Olavarria, but I'm not sure. There is potential here, but there will always be. I think I need a shakeup of an area haha. One of us or both of us could leave. One for sure.
My clothes are pretty much hanging in there minus my pants haha. But i´m making it work! I am using tape haha. One of these days when I have free time, I'm going to see if I cant learn how to sew by myself haha. But yeah, you don't need to send me anything. I'm pretty much gooood!
Well the missionary work is going good I guess. This week we´ve seen some hard trials with the people we´re working with, but we will continue! Well I love all of you guys! Sorry if I didn't answer any questions! We´re just so rushed on these dumb computers haha. Chou!

Elder Wheelwright

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