Monday, March 11, 2013

Hola familia!
So this week was pretty great.   One of our best weeks of this super transfer.   We found a lot of new investigators! And a couple families too! One of the families we found (the Luna Family), is this part member family that we received as a reference from Hanna, our recent convert. There are 2 daughters in this family that were baptized about 4 years ago. They are super inactive now! One of them has a baby (and shes 14 or 15 - by the way, having a kid at this age is pretty common, sad stuff). The mom of the family almost got baptized with them, but she was afraid of going under the water, thats all. So if we can get her over that, I think it will be pretty easy to get them committed to baptism. She also has 2 kids that are above the age of 8 too, so yep!
Yesterday while tracting in the middle of nowhere, we found this super humble family. They are 6 in total and live in this tiny tiny concrete house. The dad recently lost his job and they only have bread and mate to eat/drink. I feel really bad for them, they are in a tight spot. They were pretty open to what we had to say and accepted the challenge to read the BOM and everything. While walking away from that lesson, I was pretty humbled. I see all the things that I have, and then I look at them. Gahh spoiled...! haha. But really though, it was a good experience.
We are preparing a baptism this Saturday!!! YEAHHHH!!! BAPTISM!! Its an 86 year old man named Demetrio. He is practically deaf and cant really see worth anything. So for our lessons, we have to write it all down in big front. Its been a fun time teaching him. He´s a super funny guy too haha. He lives alone with 18 chickens. He tells us every time we go over there that he hates his chickens haha and that he´s tired of eating them. hahaha. It´s probably not as funny if you don't know him or the way he talks, but still. He has been to church 4 times already. He told us that he´s going to buy a brand new car so he can show up to his baptism in style. I doubt its going to happen. haha. But yeah, im super excited for it!
This week a bird pooped on E. Henry´s head. It was the funniest thing ever. We were waiting at a door of a less active member, and the bird just pooped on him. I didn't really want to tell him what happened, but I had to. He was really mad at that bird! When we got inside the members house, he went to the bathroom to wash his hair.
This past Tuesday I had exchanges with my district leader, Elder Galan.  He´s from Nicarauga and is about to go home in 2 weeks. TRUNKY!   Anyways, that was kinda hard speaking spanish all day. It was a lot easier this time though than the first time on exchanges with a latino.
Hmm... thats too bad that dad got in a car accident. What the crap. We have to J walk everywhere here...haha. Crosswalks don't exist.  It happened in the white car though? So 'Im pretty much never going to see my car again in working form, huh? haha crap.  Did Nathan ever get his license? Hopefully dad heals/recovers quickly! It´s no fun being in pain.
Hmmm....mission call guesses... For Terry´s son, Sao Paulo, Brazil Mission.    For Bennny Blackner, the Manchester Area New York Mission. BAM. Let´s hopè the streak continues!     Also Daylight savings time doesn't exist in Argentina.   I was told that its only a thing in the USA?   I'm not sure if thats right. But oh well. We have another Elder going home in 2 weeks in our house. Elder Howard from some town in Utah. The air is going to be getting trunky again. It´s hard being around people ¨dying¨. But what can you do? Well I think I covered the majority of this week. I'm sure I forgot some key things like always...ooops.
I love all of you guys! Have an awesome weeek!!

Elder Wheelwright.

Fotos: The picture of all the missionaries is my current zone of Olavarría. The pizza picture is what I had for lunch today from this restaurant. It had glazed pineapple, ham, and cherry's. It was pretty delicious. If you guys have any questions, shoot me an email! Chou Chou!

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