Monday, April 8, 2013

Hola Familia!!!
First of all the living room looks pretty fly...haha. You guys got a new rug! It´s so weird to see home again. SOOO....guess what? TODAY IS MY YEAR MARK! Holy weird. I have less days to go now than what I have.  April 25 was when I entered the MTC, but because of the changes, I lost 3 weeks here. So I´m half done I guess. I still feel super new and like I don't know anything and that I don't know spanish..haha.
Soo...this past weekend was conference!! YEAH! It was so awesome. Elder Hollands talk was epic and everyone was waiting for it, me too haha. I cant believe we had to wait until the last session, the nerve.....haha syke. But we had the hookups to watch conference in English! We had our own little private room with a tiny TV. There are only 6 White people in my Zone now, so yeah. We brought lots of food and had a party all 4 sessions haha. The times for conference are weird here. 1pm-3pm  5pm-7pm and the priesthood session is at 9pm-11pm. The priesthood session is past our ¨curfew¨, so we ended up watching on Saturday morning, and it was only available in spanish. Lame. Oh well I understood the majority of it. My notes were insanely Spanglish haha. I would have an English word here or a spanish word there. That's how I talk now. When I do speak English here, Its all mixed up. I (without wanting to) use spanish terms or direct translations haha. I´m losing my English! noooo! haha Oh well.. 
So I got 2 packages last week!! One from you guys and from the Bullock Fambam in Colorado. Both had some epic stuff inside (and also some of the same stuff?) Did you guys coordinate or something haha? Gracias for everything! Mom tortillas don't exist here, so I don't know how to make the casserole thing you sent me haha. Also rice crispies aren't here, so rice crispy treats will be hard too!! The hi chews are awesome. They are almost gone though already.. Everyone keeps asking for them. I cant really say no... From the bullocks I got an epic T-shirt, some American candy!!! (which got stolen..) and 2 ties that everyone wants haha. So I brought my bag of American candy with me, all of it, to Saturday conference. I left it there overnight under my notebook, hidden, BUT, when I came back the next day, it was gone and no where in sight. I would have thought things in the church building would be safe, I guess not...
Gah..I didn't eat like any of it though either haha. I´m sad, but what can you do?

So we got our investigator Rosa to church again! She is so awesome and solid and is going to baptized on the 20th of this month!!!!! She loves coming to church. We found out this week that she is legally married, so there are no big road blocks! I'm scared to teach tithing though, this is the super poor family that only has enough for a little bread and mate. I know with the spirit though we will be able to do it though!

My shoes are holding up good! I think haha. I´ve still only been using one to walk in everyday and then a pair for church. The insoles are great. My feet don't hurt now when I come home! (well not as bad). We should receive the Liahona here, so I think I'm good with the talks. I think that is everything for now. There is more but I have no time! Lame!
Chou Chou! Love you all!!

Elder Wheelwright

I bought a sweet poncho with my companion and we´re rocking them out like bosses. ´nough said...hahaha

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