Monday, April 15, 2013

Hola family!!
So this past week has been really really intense. We had interviews with Presidente Parreño, which was awesome. That man is so cool. We have been teaching Rosa a ton of stuff to get her ready for baptism. When we had lesson 3 (the gospel of Jesus Christ), she cried when we talked about the holy ghost and how we can always have it with us. It was a super spiritual lesson. She will be getting baptized on Saturday! :D !!! Now we just need to get her family on board! That will be 4 more baptisms!
Today marks the half way point of the transfer..holy cow! time is flying!! So I´m really sad again haha. I promise you guys that I'm not always like this!  We haven't been able to contact the Ruiz family in a couple weeks. We stopped by like everyday. Yesterday we finally talked to the dad, and what he told me was terrrrrrible. Terrible. So we knocked twice. And Hanna, our convert, came out and we talked to her and said everyone has missed her at church (which is true, everyone is asking about her), and she smiled. Its been like 4 weeks since she has been at church. I know she really wants to come back, but its her parents, I think. Anyways so we talked to her, and in mid sentence she went behind the door and closed it. She wasn't supposed to be outside and someone called her I think. Anyways, it was super weird. I'm like what the heck is going on. So we waited outside for like 5 minutes and then her dad pulls up in a taxi. He is always so happy and nice. And I was stoked to see him! Its been a long time. But he walked past us and said that he´ll talk with us in a minute. I could already tell that something was wrong. When he came back he said that Hanna couldn't come to church anymore because there are family problems. Its not permanent, but she cant go until things are worked out. Lame. He was kind of mean to me. E.Hoth didn't know what was going on, he´s never met the Ruiz family. But yeah, the dad told us that we shouldn't come by for awhile. And that was it.. When we walked away, I wanted to cry...! I'm so sad. This family is so awesome and they have a place in my heart. It sucks to see this happening right in front of me. I literally can't do anything about it either. Ugh. So yeah, the rest of yesterday after that was wasted. I couldn't really focus or think. I don't know what to do. Keep working? I have to I guess haha. We´re going to stop by right before transfers and see how they are. That will probably be the last time I see them. Soooo yeah.

On a happier note, E.Hoth and I made tacos for lunch today. Haha. Thanks for the taco seasoning mix! Nothing else really happened this week. Kind of boring.  BAPTISM THIS WEEK! Also we were asked to be clowns in this birthday party on Saturday... My district leader said yes... So I guess were doing it.

Well I gotta run! I love you guys!! Chou

Elder Wheelwright

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