Monday, April 22, 2013

Hola family!!
So Thanks for Logans email! I can't believe he's going home so soon. Holy cow! I remember when he left!
(questions are from Moms email to Travis)
 Do you guys get served a lunch by RS ladies at your zone conferences?   How often do you have them and do you have to travel far?   Zone conference food is usually provided by the members. But they get paid to do it though haha. You guys were robbed!  We usually have them once every 2 transfers. Or...4 times a year. In my area, they are held at our own building, which is a 15 min walk. So not too far. We have the nicest chapel in the zone haha oh yeah! 

What do you eat most days?  and how often do members feed you?   Glad you liked the taco seasoning - how about the asian seasoning packets - have you tried those?  are they good?   
Most days we eat empanadas. We eat so much of them! Also pasta, pizza, rice/eggs/peas are SUPER common. We only eat like 5 different things here haha. It gets boring! We get pretty well fed in our area. Almost every day we have lunch.  The asian stuff was goood!  We made 2 of the packets today! We have some left over tooo delicious! My companion is lucky that I know how to cooook...haha.

What do you do each day during "siesta" time?  do you still track?      During the siesta, its terrible. When you knock doors, people get super mad at you for waking them up. I still don't have it down. The biggest question for missionaries here, is what to do during the siesta. I knock doors no matter what haha. People need to stop being lazy.

About Hanna´s family, members are going by to see if everything is okay. I don't think she's allowed to come back yet, but I'm praying it will be soon. I found out that the mom is pretty sick with some kind of infection. Thats all I know. I´ll update you guys if I hear anything else.    But there is only 2 weeks left in the transfer!! holy cowwww!! I'm pretty sure I'm out too. SO time to start packing. haha.

The baptism didn't happen unfortunately. We´re hoping for this weekend. It didn't happen because Rosa didn't know if she would have to travel to Bahia Blanca. Her ex husband is dying from something and he wants to see his kids before he passes away.  She still wants to get baptized no matter what, so its all good. Although her current husband is kind of being lame. He told me that he doesn't like that we come over so often...lame. He´s dumb haha. The members are being really friendly with Rosa. She feels super welcome at church and somewhat has friends now.

We´re kind of having a hard time finding new people to teach... its hard! Our district leader keeps giving us crap for it and its getting really annoying. We are trying really hard!! I just don't know whats going on. Everyone is having a hard time right now. I swear that its something in the air or the weather haha.

So today...something funny happened. First of all, P-day time is sacred and you have to use every second of it. Our DL came over to our house this morning during our comp study. I was like what the heck? His comp is American and I´m pretty good friends with him so he told me what was happening. Apparently as a house, we were all going to talk about what we're doing wrong and why were not being successful. AKA a confession session about your disobedience...LAME. haha When I heard this, I was like. "Companion..were leaving right at 10. (because p-day starts at 10). No one has officially told us anything."  The person who told me, said that we should probably leave and turn off out phone haha. So we left out of the house right at 10, super fast and super sneaky! It was awesome. About 5 minutes later, we got a phone call saying that we should probably come back so we can do this confession session. (that we supposedly didn't know about) I just told him that look, its p-day now and were already on our way to Walmart. We´re not coming back. He got kind of mad haha. But I so told him off. It was awesome. Our district leader right now kinda sucks haha. All he does is get mad at us. Welll yup! There's a little story for ya. haha. Well I gotta run! I love you guys!!!! Chou Chou!!

Elder Wheelwright

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