Monday, May 6, 2013

Hola family!
Guess who forgot to write meee....hahaha. wink wink. SOOO! We had a baptism on Saturday!!! Rosa got back on Thursday, and we set up the interview and then everything happened so fast but it happened! She got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. Her kids came to the baptism too and we are working with them to set a date! It´s going to be awesome. Rosa wants that all of her family can come to church and be baptized. Through her awesome example, it´s totally going to happen one day. I had the privileged to get into the water with her! YEAH!! This time we figured out how to fix the water heater, so we had warm water!!! oh yeahhh!!
So about transfers... we got another call on Sunday morning with the official news. And I'm LEAVING!! Transfered baby! hahaha I'm going to be serving in the actual city of Bahía Blanca now. My area is called Villa Harding Green. Pretty cool stuff. I heard its a really ghetto area and that its possible that we might get robbed. People told me that I shouldn't wear my glasses or my watch or else bad things will happen haha. uh ohh... I'm kind of scared, but oh well! It´s going to be an adventure. My new companion is Elder Cross. He is another American haha. I still haven't had a latino companion yet. The thing is, I don't know when I'll be leaving. There is a bus strike right now through out all of Argentina, so no one can even leave their area. So I´m on hold I guess in my area again. Its kind of lame timing, because I'm about to call on Sunday and there will be no time to set a time, because I don't know when we can call in my new area. So check your email frequently this week, okay. Because we might go email during the week to confirm everything. I´m not sure. I´m slowly packing because I already know that I'm leaving. Yeeah, so packing is the worst.
So I'm way excited to call on Sunday. I told dad  I'm picking out a special tie to wear hahaha. I did get Grandma W's package! It was awesome! And yeah, I'm already on a reply note haha Also I got a package from the Kauers! It was a really cool surprise! You guys all rock!
 Well I don't really have much more time! Well I gotta run family!!! I love you all! Thanks for all of your prayers and support. See you on Sunday! So for the call, you should just be waiting around with skype open all day, just in case. but we´ll keep the same time for now. 7.30pm my time.
Chau Chau

Elder Wheelwright

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