Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hola family! 
So the guy that got baptized is awesome. We have been passing by their family a lot recently and I've been getting to know them. They always give us food too! Its great. We will be baptizing their 2 daughters 9years old and 11 in about 2 weeks. We have to teach them all of the lessons first.

So yeah its getting cold, and I don't have any thermals. I think eventually I will need them because I hear that it gets dang cold here. Boots, don't need. Socks and gloves and scarves I can just buy down here. Maybe thermals is all that I need. So hey, I was thinking that you should send me something else...do you remember that starbucks hot cocoa mix that you bought at costco one time? can you please please please look for that again and send it to me? Its one of the biggest desires of my heart right now...hahaha.     p.s. I want beef jerkey and mangoes too  pero mal.    (??? these may not be legal to send)

So this weekend we had a branch activity..the missionaries were in charge and so we planned everything out. We had 3 games planned and we bought all the supplies and everything. cool right? No.  When it came time for the activity, first of all, no one showed up on time. Everyone was like an hour late. Second of all, when people were here, no one wanted to participate. All of the adults were just off to the side drinking mate. Their kids were running around crazy knocking things over.  The parents just let their monsters run around. We ended up only playing 1 and a half of our games. So lame. We wasted so much time planning it out. The activity was for the 25th of May. Which is like the 4th of July in the states.   So they sang the national anthem of Argentina. We didn't know it so we just looked at each other and smiled.  haha.

Our investigator family is still doing great. They are getting integrated into the branch great. Some members are going over to their house to visit them without us. Awesome! That will be 5 baptisms on June 8th! Yeahhhhh!!!! Were so excited. We didn't really have a lot of luck finding new people to teach this week. Lame. Next week, we set up an FHE with our investigators and the mission president and his wife. I'm super stoked. We get to go to their house and everything!! YEAH!  I heard its a giant mansion and I'm way excited.  Not everyone gets to have an opportunity like this. Thank goodness that we live close to them!  Well I gotta run family!  Enjoy the fotos below!!

The picture of me and my comp. with the thumbs down, is at our lame activity that failed.
The giant fire...we did service for someone and in the end we burned a lot of plants and garbage, because its legal here. You can basically do anything you want haha.
The dog. He followed us home from the activity, I named him Jack.  I gave him some chicken noodle soup and he loved it. The next morning he was waiting for us at the church building! haha he knows where we go! He slept at the church haha.

I love you guys! Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

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