Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hola familia!

I'm sorry this is a day late haha. I'm sure yesterday you guys were all freaking out because I didn't write haha. It was a hectic day yesterday and we don't have a place in our  area where we can use computers...i know lame. So here we are today. Life is all good!

Yesterday was amazing. We had an FHE with 5 of our investigators and our mission president and his wife at their house aka mansion. Its a rare opportunity, not everyone has a chance to do this, but they invited us back after they came to the baptism we had a little while ago. We made the FHE about the Book of Mormon. I directed/led the whole thing. I was so scared! haha and super nervous, but it the end it turned out reallly good. The spirit was way strong there and everyone had a really good time. SUCCESS!   After, we mingled with them and we eat food and then we took a tour of their house. It was so great. Probably a highlight of my mission thus far haha.

So this week we started teaching these 2 girls of this family. They are going to get baptized probably in 2 weeks. They have been going to church for 2 years already and already know everything. Their dad is the one that just got baptized recently. So I am pretty stoked for that. The girls are really awesome and super funny too.

This Saturday, we should be having 5 baptisms! Yay! The family that we found a couple weeks ago. They are doing really awesome and just love having us over. Tonight we are going over for dinner and making pizzas! Super cool. During the week we also built a giant fire with them with tires, super cool! Its always a really fun time.

So the pictures, let me explain haha. We found this tree with baby doll pieces on it. Kinda scary no? I think its awesome. Also the house picture.. there are a bunch of super humble house here in our area that look like this. Pretty rough.

Well that's all I have time for. Again, sorry for the delayed email! It wasn't my fault! I love all of you guys! Chau Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

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