Monday, June 24, 2013


So yeah, we were able to watch the broadcast. Yesterday we got all of our recent converts rides to go watch it and no one could take us. So we just went to the church and used the office computer. Only the stake center in downtown Bahia Blanca had it streaming (because they are the only ones with a satellite.) So yeah, it was really awesome. Very spiritually uplifting. Facebook sounds crazy, I just wonder when its going to hit us here. No idea! Maybe it won't. Using Ipads and things like that will never come to Argentina. They would get stolen so fast! I'm curious about the church tours though...hmm. I don't know whats going to happen there.

About the window. We tried gluing all of the pieces together with super glue haha. But that didn't work very well. So we ditched the gluing and just put a piece of cardboard up. I'm not sure what to do with it. Pray to get transferred out of the house? haha. Yeah I'm back to normal again. It was definitely food poisoning. I got over the being sick from water a long time ago. But yeah, everything is good now, minus a cold. Geeze.

This week was kind of slow. We didn't really find a lot of new people. There is this one family that we are working with that is super close to baptism. The parents just need to get married but the mom doesn't want to. So we had an intense lesson with a member with them and they are still being hard about the subject. We challenged them to pray about getting married, so we´ll see where that is going to go. That's 3 more baptisms that would happen in July.   Every week we have about 5 investigators at church as an average. There is also this one guy that we've been working with who has just recently picked up the Book of Mormon and is loving to read it. But he can't give up going to his other church. It's a little weird.

We taught this 20 year old girl that we talked to on the bus. It was a super strange lesson. At first she was super normal and acted like she wasn't really religious, but when we started teaching, she went into crazy attack mode. Gah, it was terrible haha. She kept saying false stuff about our religion and things like that. She would not accept that a Book of Mormon could even be possible. We destroyed her with scriptures though haha, it was fun. Although she thought she was right regardless. In the end, the lesson calmed down and we got to explain the promise of the Book of Mormon. She accepted to read and pray. It was weird, it turned around like 180degrees. Oh well, it was awesome.

Well thats all that I have time for! I love you guys! Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

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