Monday, July 1, 2013

Hola --

Hola familia!
This week was pretty great. We had a lot of lessons with people and
with our current investigators. The work is a little slow right now
in Harding Green. People are just not listening to us! I hear its
worse now because of the winter. Everyone is inside and doesn't want to
come out. We are focusing a lot on finding people now. I was hoping
that the members would just be super pumped up about the conference
that we just had, but nothing has really changed..lame. Not even one
reference. Come on guys! I feel like that's where we need to focus on
right now. I liked what Elder Holland said about missionaries shouldn't
be knocking doors because its a waste of time. And that members should
fill up our agendas! haha if only...
We have investigators with wierd situations right now. They are kind
of stuck. One is a couple that has been living together for 10 years
and they aren't married. The husband doesn't really have any interest in
what we teach (although he did tell us that he felt the spirit and
that he knows our church is true), and the wife doesn't really love the
husband and doesn't want to get married..hmmm. She REALLY wants to get
baptized though and she has all the lessons and has been to church
like 7 times. On Monday we got them to agree to go reserve a wedding
day with the government (they do it weird here in Argentina). But the
next morning they fought and "postponed" going to reserve their spot.
One other guy has received an answer about the Book of Mormon, several 
times I think. One was at the FHE we did at the 
mission presidents house. He said he felt like something was going to
explode out of his chest as we watched the testaments and as we heard
the testimonies of people at the FHE. Hmm.. He has friends and family
in his other church and he goes there twice a week. He loves reading
the Book of Mormon, but he can't give up the other church..
We've been trying to visit the girl on the bus, but she is never home! 
I really want to check in with her and her experiences with the Book of 
Mormon, if she actually read it or not.
Camp Helaman eh? Sounds fun! I remember that I didn't want to go at all
haha. And I never ended up going because I got a job. yay! 
Yeah, Langley left for Cambodia today. He has a crazy flight. SLC to LAX to
Hong Kong to Cambodia. 3 Days of traveling! ALSO he said that he was
chosen to be a model of missionaries with ipads and iphones in the
MTC. They took pics of him and he will now be in the next manual of
either PMG or an MTC training manual. Super crazy! He's Mormon famous
now! haha.   So first day of the Federal Way mission huh?  That is sooo
coool! How many missionaries are there? Also where is the mission
office at? Austin got home? thats cool!    Everyone is coming home that I
know. Logan just got home too! I was a late bloomer thats why haha.
Where is Tyson going to again? California? That's what I remember,
maybe I'm way off haha. 
So I got in an intense battle this week with a dog. It was nuts. It
ended up biting me. My first dog bite..grrr. We were knocking this
door, or should I say clapping..and this huge dog came out of no
where. It was jumping and barking at us. I picked up a rock to try to
scare it, but then it just got even more mad. It dove at my shins and
bit me, ouch! Freaking dumb dog. I was super mad, so I took this big
rock in my hand and threw it as hard as I could at this dog. I totally
hit it broadside and it ran of whining. Haha, I win! It was super
intense and I barely survived. Good thing I'm awesome, no?
Well I gotta go! I forgot my flash drive at home, so no pictures this 
week! Sorry! I love you guys!!
Elder Wheelwright

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