Monday, July 15, 2013

Yeah when he (Mission President) said that (only 9 months left) it kind of freaked me out too, but oh well. I´ll just keep on chuggin haha. Yeah, so no package yet. I'm sure I'll get it tomorrow when we go to the office. After all, its the only time that we get mail. Once a week.   Nope, we wont be getting cut again. It was up to the mission president as to when to make the adjustment. Ours just decided to get it our of the way. You guys got someone to church?? that's so awesome! You don't even know how great that is for us missionaries. Good job! Now learn spanish and tell all of our members how you did it. haha it honestly sounds too good to be true! But who is Lonnie? Is he the guy from Guam? 
The mission office is in renton? Thats wierd. We are the Bahia Blanca mission and our office is in Bahia Blanca. haha. hmm. That doesn't make sense to me. 
There were more fires in Colorado? dang. I swear its always on fire! I hope everyone is okay. No one has said anything to me yet.

Oh, I thought Nathan already had his license...oops haha. Keep working on it! Yeah he would be way expensive on the insurance. He can take the bus! Its not that bad. We have to do it all the time here. So I found the guy that does the leather scripture cases and I gave him all the stuff to start to go to work. Hopefully I don't get transferred before that are done! The guy showed me some examples and it was awesome, it looks exactly like the picture, but in leather. I'm excited haha.

So this week we found some pretty cool people with some potential. One was this couple that are married. The husband is 22 and the wife is 42 haha. uhhh yeah. Weird. They accepted to read the Book of Mormon pretty fast. Apparently the mom of the wife was a member before she died. Well I guess she would still be a member then haha. On the second visit we asked her to be baptized and she said that she was already a member and that she was baptized a long time ago as a child..crap. haha. I feel like this happens all the time here. There are so many in-actives that its not even funny. Every door you knock, you have to brace yourself that the person could already be a member, just inactive. Its the worst. Why don't they just tell you up front?? haha.

So were back on the church computer! Which means pictures!! haha Enjoy. We found an aeronaval haha.

I don't know what else to write, this week was kind of boring. It rained a lot which means everyone was inside sleeping. Hmm...yeah. Dang. I love the rain, but it makes working super hard. Well I love all of you guys! Thanks for everything!!

Elder Wheelwright

We found an aeronaval
Fire in the house - Yeah, we like to burn things...nothing new, no? haha

Yeah, I have herbalife. Its pretty tasty and expensive.
dogs inside the house that we found on the street

Well....... Black face = exchanges and we painted our face with a burnt cork.  We just did it because we were bored..nothing else haha

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