Monday, July 22, 2013

Hola family!
So this week has been REALLLY cold! Like insanely cold. Even with 3 jackets, a sweater, gloves, a hat, and a scarf, I feel like I am going to freeze. Also the nights are pretty cold too. So I have to go turtle status inside my blankets haha. I have to leave when I run out of air though.. There was news of snow in our area! haha oh yeah! But it only rained ice. Or iced ice? Yeah. The mountains nearby us got lots of snow though. A lot of the members took their families up to play in it. The work is kind of slow with all of the cold weather. There is no one outside that you can contact, and when we knock on the doors, they either don't answer or they tell us to go home so that we won't freeze. haha so yeah. We still have some success though!

We have this couple (who aren't married yet) that are super awesome and are probably going to get baptized next transfer! They have the first 2 lessons and we took them on a tour of the church!  Also they came to church and they made some friends and people were explaining everything they didn't understand and it was awesome. Our branch is pretty good about that. Or I guess I should say, some members are really good about doing that.

We are having a baptism this weekend of a 9 year old girl. shes the daughter of the first guy we baptized here in Harding Green. She's finally getting baptized because we scared the parents with transfers. We said, it's not a for sure thing that we will be here for the baptism. (because the parents had plans to do it in August), so if you want us there, you will have it sooner. haha and it totally worked. So the baptism is this weekend! yay! Also these 2 investigators that came to church got invited and they said that they wanted to go! yaya :) Were really excited for them.

Ummm... so I received the package!! yay! It was awesome! Thanks for everything! There was a large amount of hot cocoa inside though haha. Oh well, its cold outside. The ipod inside of the rice a roni was pretty genius. Good job family. I couldn't find the cable for the longest time. I thought you guys forgot to send it. We made some of the Asian stuff. It was really amazing. This week we had a family home evening with a family and we made pancakes and had maple syrup. They didn't really like the syrup though, they said it tasted like coffee?? I don't know where that even came from haha. Their lame taste buds can't even handle the awesome flavor of maple.

So there is going to be no youth left in the ward when I get back haha. Everyone is leaving on missions! Yeah, I probably know more than all of you about Langley haha. We write each other every week. He's doing really well. He might possibly have to move to Thailand haha.

So yeah transfers are coming up super soon. Actually this Monday we have transfers. So its way possible that I leave Harding Green..hmm. I'm sure I'll stay one more transfer, but who knows. This Saturday we will know whats happening! Well that is all I have time for! I love you guys! Sounds like everything is going great! Hopefully you are feeling better mom! Chua!!

The pic is of us making a fire with tires with out converts. They are awesome. I have an addiction of burning tires now. I know its bad for the environment, so I need to stop. But its just soooo hard haha!  Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

Our Asian dinner

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