Monday, July 29, 2013

Soo .. I'm in my new area in Santa Rosa.  I am no longer in the providence of Buenos Aires....noo! haha I'm in La Pampa.  So I don't know how big the city is yet, but it looks decently sized, bigger than Harding Green. That's for sure. The weather is definitely warmer haha. I'm not sure if I'll even need a jacket now. Dang it. I hate hot weather. So something about Santa Rosa, usually missionaries get stuck here for a long time. We're talking like 6 months, up to 9. It's pretty common. Nooo....haha. So yeah, this could be my last area. I'm not necessarily excited for that, but we´ll see what happens. 
So I got the news on Saturday that I would be leaving. I wasn't expecting it at all because my old comp Elder Cross had more time than me in Harding Green.  Hmm... But I was and still am super sad that I had to leave.. I didn't want to!   Saturday I started stopping by members houses and telling them bye.   
Saturday was also our baptism!!  It happened for sure and my mission president was there. haha. Bonus points! It was a cool baptism, because the dad (who we baptized 2 months ago) baptized his daughter.  How awesome is that! It was cool to see. We baptizzzzed this transfer!! Yeah! I have a goal of having at least one baptism every transfer. It's still going strong!
My last baptism in Harding Green
 After the baptism, we went down town to buy my bus ticket. Then we went over to our converts we had and I had to break the news to them that I'm leaving.  It was super sad. One of them started crying and said that I couldn't leave. I left one of my missionary name tags with them. Ugh, it sucked leaving them! They are so awesome. 
Sunday, the cool couple that we found didn't go to church. We stopped by, but they were leaving to go somewhere else. Lame.   Sacrament meeting was weird, they asked 3 of our converts to give their testimonies, and then asked me to give mine.  It was so cool seeing these new their testimonies for the very first time! They did a great job! When it was my turn, I shared something on service and then I thanked the branch for everything. I got super attached to them. I ended up getting a little teary..haha. How lame. It was super sad though. Gah!
  I still can't believe I had to leave! Packing wasn't fun at all. I did it in 3 hours though. It seems like you collect more stuff every time you switch areas. The rest of the day was spent saying goodbye to members and to investigators. Our last stop was at the house of our converts (the Aguila and Bermudez family). It had to be short, but it was so hard to do. I'll probably never see these people again.  Eyes were wet leaving that house haha. I didnt want to leave! Harding Green has been my favorite area as of now. I'll miss those dirst roads and wild dogs everywhere. 
Wild dogs are everywhere
dead dog.....sad day. This is pretty common to see. I've been desensitized unfortunately...haha. Sometimes the other dogs eat the dead dogs...yuck.
My bus left at 9.40 at night. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't.. I got to Santa Rosa at 2am. My companion is Elder Huey from Missouri. Another American!! He is also one of the zone leaders here. President is doing something weird and is putting regular missionaries with zone leaders. Hmm.. Our house here is SOOO nice! Its nothing in comparison to Harding Green.   Here we live in a super rich apartment complex. There is an elevator that goes up to our apartment! haha. How crazy! I feel like Im living in a hotel, not in Argentina either haha.
There is a ton of cocoa, yeah. But I'll for sure drink it! haha.  We're only allowed to listen to the I'm going craazy. I don't like the Motab at all.  Although it does make me want to go to temple square in Salt Lake. haha.   You guys got a hot tub spa thing! That's super legit! I want to use it! Well I'm out of time family! I love you a lot! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Chau Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

Goodbye .....  Harding Green!

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