Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wow, so you guys are on vacation right now haha how awesome. That's not like you guys to just get up and go like that. Isn't Nathan in school right now, or is it still summer. My whole concept of time is so confused right now. 
So Santa Rosa is super super super hot. Bleh. Its like not even winter here. I miss the cold weather in Bahia Blanca. I'm glad I'm here in the winter though, because this place is the hottest part in our mission. I don't want to be here for summer. So my first week was pretty nuts and very successful. In one day we found 9 new investigators. Holy cow. We were definitely blessed thats for sure. We work super hard and talk to literally every person in our path. My comp. walks really fast..haha. Too fast. I don't walk slow, he just like runwalks. But yeah, we found some awesome families this week who are going to get baptized, I know it. The ward here is really awesome. I'm loving all of the members already. Of course they aren't as friendly as those in Harding Green. We had an activity this past weekend. We played human battleship haha. It was way fun. Its kind of like blind dodge ball, and you are attached to other people. 
So I'm currently really sick..lame. I got it from my comp...ugh.  Its just a really intense cold. I'm super congested and I'm always coughing and I can barely breathe. Bleh. I want to die. Trying to work like this is really hard too. I have no energy at all.
So yeah, our house is too nice. Compared to what I was living in in Harding Green... its 100 percent different. Although the mission says we have to move, its too expensive to live here. haha. I don't know when that will be, but I hope its in a couple months... When I'm gone haha.   Im pretty much used to my area already, although I'm so lost. I don't know where I'm ever going. I just follow my companion everywhere. Our area is pretty big.
Umm I traveled to Santa Rosa with one other missionary, but we sat in different parts of the bus, so it was like I was alone. That's the best haha. I love the chances I have to be alone. It feels so good. Traveling at night is usually normal, I'm not sure why. Its lame for the people that have to be there waiting for you.
Living in the big city is great, I would love it if I weren't a misisonary. haha. Its really hard to find people to teach. Yeah, I have a great record of everyone haha. I am really good at that. I think that is it for now. Pray that I can get over my sickness please. haha I'm dying. Also can you send me a recipe for hummus. Thanks. Umm yep that's all. I love you guys a ton. Enjoy your vacation. Also....sorry this keyboard is lame. I cant use exclamation points at all..so my letter seems super borring. I did want to use them though, I'm not borringªªªª that's what happens when i try to use itªªª I love you, chau chau

Elder Wheelwright

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