Monday, August 19, 2013

Hola Familia! 
So it was good to hear from you guys finally haha. So your vacation sounded pretty fun and pretty adventurous. Those little cars look legit. I miss driving a lot, gah! But thats okay. 
This week was a little bit weird. We only worked for like half of it because I'm sick and my companion is sick too. 
On Monday, we found this awesome lady who is pre-prepared and is going to get baptized. We went to visit an investigator who is kind of weird and that doesn't really understand what we teach. In the same house, someone just moved in (to live with this investigator). The person that moved in is Mariela. She has talked to missionaries in the past and has even been to church and activities. She never got baptized because she was living with her boyfriend. So it was a miracle that we found her. She told us she was super excited and surprised when we knocked on the door. She told us that she's been wanting to come back to church, and that its something that has been missing in her life recently. YES! She accepted a baptismal date and went to church this Sunday!!   It was awesome. 
We also found this one family that I think I mentioned last week.    The mom didn't want to get baptized because she has fears of water. But now she accepted to get baptized and is fully committed to it now. We ate dinner with them this week too. How legit. The Lord is preparing us with people to teach! 
Wednesday we had a conference with the mission president and he talked about the Book of Mormon a lot and how it should be our focus always. Its the thing that sets us apart. So now in our teaching, I'm trying to use the Book of Mormon even more. 
So..I officially have a sinus infection. I went to the hospital and they took some x-rays of my face and stuff. I've been taking like a million pills recently. I don't like it at all. Ugh. Luckily there is this awesome family in another ward that is helping me out. The mom is a nurse and shes giving me medication so I don't have to buy any more pills. Its amazing. I love those guys. 
Well so that's what has happened this week. My email feels really short, but I don't think there is anything else haha. I love you guys! And I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Wheelwright

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