Monday, August 26, 2013

Hola family!
Today I am actually feeling better. Funny story...haha. So I got better from being sick and then I went and worked on a super super cold day and then the next day I was sick again with something different. Awesome no? haha. But I think I'm on the upside of it now, whooo! Finally! This transfer has been a transfer of being sick, bleh. I got a blessing from a member in our ward and he said in the blessing that I would never get sick again on my mission. So that was pretty cool!

Yeah everyone is coming back home! Super weird. It doesn't help me stay focused...haha. It actually makes me trunky haha, but thats okay. I always bounce back super fast! Spencer is going back to California already haha, Seattle didn't last very long. It was too awesome for him to handle ;) hahaha. Yeah so Alisha told me that they were up there visiting, its like a giant party. Fun stuff! Babies are kind of rough. Its easy to play with them for a little bit, but then after (at least for me) I get super bored and frustrated. haha like go away baby! Give me my space! haha what zoo did you guys go too? The one in Seattle? Woodland park? Miracle is a beast, she`ll take down anyone who gets in her way, even babies. So watch out haha. I saw this dog yesterday that looked like Miracle awwww haha. I had a picture in my scriptures of her, so I showed it to the owner of the dog haha. Legit. She liked it a lot. QUUUEEE HERMOSA!

The work down here is coming along. We are seeing blessing from the Lord. He knew we were going to get sick so he gave us people in the beginning of the transfer to teach. We are preparing 2 awesome investigators to get baptized on the 7th of September. One is named Marta, she has investigated the church for 4 years now. She loves the missionaries and is always making us food. Awesome. Although I don't eat it a lot of the time haha. (they are usually sweeets). But yeah, super awesome and everyone in the ward already loves her and yeah. Good stuff. The other lady has investigated the church about a year ago. She is now participating in all the activities in the ward and is making friends and exchanging phone numbers. Haha this is a good sign to us. She couldn't come to church this Sunday because she got sick. (possibly because of us haha) I feel bad! Everyone in the ward knows I'm sick and every time someone else gets sick, the blame gets put on me haha, its not fairrrrr!!!

Transfers are already in 2 weeks! Holy cow! I have a hunch that for some reason I'm getting transferred already. Hmmm, we´ll see. (it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...haha) uhhh I mean....  OKay
Have you eaten anything weird lately?  Nope, nothing weird recently that I've eaten. I now just tell people what I don't like and they don't get offended and I never have to eat gross intestines or things like that. = a win.
Holy cow, it snowed in Santa Rosa on Saturday!!   It was only a little bit but still. It was awesome!! Well I gotta run, this week we have to move out of our house...noo. First we have to find a new one though haha. So I'll probably be in a new house by next Monday. I don't want to leave our hotel and our elevator!!! nooo....haha   Love you guys! Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

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