Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hola Family!
So recently its been way cold with a lot of rain. Its not that fun haha. I think I'm okay without thermals. I only have to survive a couple more months. Also the sleeping bag...hmm. It would be nice, but its not necessary at all. I found one at Walmart, but it was 700 thanks. It was just a Coleman brand too. Super not worth it. I'm better off using blankets haha.
No sign of my package yet. I'm still crossing my fingers every time we go to the office on Tuesday haha.   E.Cross got one this week. It was full of all things American. haha oh yeah! Luckily, as a companion of the box receiver, you get to reap the benefits!
Yeah, so the dog bite wasn't that bad. I still have a scab from it. Yuck.  Recently I feel like my wounds and cuts haven't been healing as fast. Its actually super slow.
Happy 4th of July! We didn't do anything here. No fireworks or barbeques. It was just a regular day here. Independence day here in Argentina was on July 9th. But it rained all day, so everyone just stayed inside.
 It sounds like you guys are doing lots of stuff as a family! That's awesome!

This past Saturday, we did exchanges with the APs. I'm not really sure why.   It´s not really a normal thing. Hmm...we still haven't figured out why. They told us that we've been being used as an example in a lot of things. Last transfer we had a lot of success. Presidente ParreƱo used us as the example in his leadership meeting and also we were used by the Bahia Blanca stake.   Pretty crazy stuff!

We had interviews this week and Presidente told me that I only have 9 months left. What the crap haha. It freaked me out! Time flies really fast. It just made me want to work even harder. Not trunky, fyi haha. Don't think I'm that missionary. My comp has 4 months left, and hes losing it a little bit haha.

So I'm super sorry about the no pictures. I have been taking them, but the internet in the church has been down, so we've been having to use a sketchy ciber. I'm afraid I'll get viruses on my flash drive or SD card. So until I can get back to a safe computer, there aren't any pics. Sorrrry!
How has Nathan been with driving? Does he ever go off and drive by himself?
Oh, so you're getting this email late because the ciber was closed on Monday and Tuesday, and we have no other access to computers. So we get the short end of this stick here in Harding Green. LAME!

Were preparing 2 people for baptism this weekend or the next. So I'm pretty stoked for that. One is a 12 year old kid of this lady we are trying to get married. We are hoping he can set the path or standard for her. The other baptism is a daughter of a recent convert. We finally got them to commit to get them baptized. FINALLY! So things are happening here for sure. I just wish it was a little bit better haha. Well I love you guys so much! Have an awesome weeek!!

Elder Wheelwright

small excerpt from email Elder Wheelwright sent to his dad:

 "The thing about missionary work is that you could be on top of the world one week, and the next you are failing intensely. Its hard to have constant results because people have their agency. Make sure you guys are helping out the missionaries there. Its lame when the members don't really do anything."

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