Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello family!  And happy fathers day dad!

This week was kind of crazy. We went on a lot of exchanges for some reason. I think because it was the end of the transfer, everyone aka the leaders had to get it over with. So I did a lot of work in other areas. We had some awesome FHE's with people this week who are going to get baptized now! LEGIT! Oh by the way, I'm staying in my area in Harding Green! With E.Cross for another 6 weeks. YAYA! I'm super happy, I love it here and the people are awesome!

So this week I got pretty sick. bleh. FOOD POISONING! wooohoo! Its probably the worst thing ever. I wanted to die. My body was super weak and it removed anything inside of it in any way possible. haha. I'm going to leave it at that. But yeah, I couldn't even go to church to see my converts get confirmed or anything. It was so lame! It was either from a bad empanada or the water. Either way, I'm scared to eat/drink either one. I'm just barely recovering, and I still feel kind of weak and light headed. But I think I'm good enough for now. I don't really have desires to eat food still. I feel like I've been on a sick cycle for awhile now. I just cant get over everything. Also there is a super bad cold virus going around Argentina right now and several people have already died. The government is giving away free shots to anyone. I'm not sure if the missionaries are getting them. We're on standby until we hear something.

The mission conference thing. (He is talking about the special missionary broadcast that happens this coming Sunday) You bet we are going to watch it!  Even if we're not supposed to! haha Syke. But I imagine that we're allowed to. I heard that all of the churches are getting let out early so people can watch it. I heard its going to bring some big changes! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. More rules? Different angles? I have no idea what's going to happen haha.  Prediction... its going to be a lot more internet based. As in, we use computers and chat with people and things like that. But I'm probably super wrong. We'll find out though!

 So our window broke this week and now it feels like its winter inside of our house. All I did was close the door and the glass fell out. Windows here suck. They don't know how to do them! Also..I did a service project this week helping some guy install in windows. I felt like I was helping dad again haha. Weird stuff.     Also there is a Washington street! I totally got a picture of it! bam! Its awesome.

Yay a package! Thanks! I'll be waiting for it! I'm super stoked, I've been living without music for a whole transfer basically. Umm last minute things to put in..hmm. flaming hot cheetos or tabasco cheezits. por favor! surprise me! haha. Pack it up with American stuff. And Asian stuff for sure! Well gotta run! I love you all! Chau Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

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