Monday, June 10, 2013

Hola Familia!

So transfers are coming up in about a week! Holy cow this transfer has gone by so fast! I seriously cant believe it at all. Bahía Blanca is awesome and I really want to stay. But 1 transfer areas are common, so I guess I wont be too shocked that I'm out. But I'm about 99percent sure that I.m staying. We have a lot more baptisms to look forward to next transfer, so there is no way that I can leave! Elder Cross could leave though. This is his 2nd transfer here. But again, 3 is common.. So who knows! There is no way to predict transfers, even though you want to. haha.

So this week was pretty great I guess. We had divisions and I went with the district leader for 2 days. I'm like way sick right now with a cold. There are times in the night where I wake up and I can't breathe. Its scary stuff, but whatever. Also I lost my voice several times this week. The water thing has been long gone, We bought jugs of filtered water, so were good now. I don't even touch the tap anymore.

This weekend was pretty nuts. Sunday was our baptism and plus our branch president asked us to give talks..nooo! I gave mine on repentance. Holy cow..funny story about my talk haha. Besides the fact that I was super nervous, everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. First of all, the microphone started making loud screeching noises about 5 minutes into my talk, it took us a couple minutes to get that one figured out haha.  Super embarrasing.  A couple minutes after that was over, I started having a coughing and choking attack haha. It sounds funny now, but I did it at the pulpit with everyone watching me. I was having a hard time breathing. Every time I breathed in, I had to cough instantly haha. There was something tickling my throat. It was sooo embarrasing! That lasted about a minute, and then someone brought me up a glass of water and then a little girl gave me a cough drop....haha. Dang.   Then a little bit after that, the bishopric slipped me a paper telling me that my time was up. I guess I was up there for like 20 minutes.

Right after church, we had the baptism. Only 4 ended up getting baptized. One of the kids backed out at the last second and we're going to do it the next weekend or the next. So to make a super long story short, the kid wanted to get  baptized, but his mom wouldn't let him get baptized in the clothes we had for him. She thought they were for a girl. It was just a jumpsuit! So yeah, dumb reason. And we checked with everyone, and that was literally the reason. The mom said, I don't want him getting baptized in girl clothes! haha...holy cow. Yeah, so we only had 4 and it was still really awesome!!

Today for p-day, we went to this awesome huge shopping mall in Bahia Blanca. Its like the only one here. There was a Subway and a Mcdonalds inside!! So we totally ate at Subway. It tasted good but it wasn't the same. I took pictures of us there, but I left the other memory card at home. This mall was great. I bought 2 scarves for the winter. I kind of lost track on how much I spent... Buyers remorse. haha. Shooot! We had an awesome time there, I want to go back! It felt like we were in the states again. Everything was super fancy too. So coming back to ol' ghetto Harding Green was rough haha. Well I think that's about all! I got your pictures for the cases in the mail! I am working on those getting sent off. The person who does them lives in Mar Del Plata, aka far away, so I have to figure out how to get them there.

I love you guys!! Thanks for all the support!! Nathan, endure to the end!! School is almost over haha! Oh and some of the houses are like that, not a ton. But there are a good amount of them.
Well gotta run!

Elder Wheelwright

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