Monday, May 13, 2013

Hola family! 
Well it was really awesome talking to you guys yesterday! You were all looking great! It was kind of crazy though to be honest haha. It didn't help that there were people in back of me talking super loud. That was kinda lame, but oh well. They are an awesome family. That's the second time I've talked to them, but they are way cool. The whole ward that I'm in is just so nice and friendly. So I pretty much told you guys a ton of stuff yesterday, so I'm not sure what to write haha. 
For everyone who didn't see me yesterday though.. I'm in my new area in Bahia Blanca. I left Olavarria to travel here on Tuesday.   I was basically in a bus by myself for 5 hours, it was amazing haha.    My new companion is Elder Cross from Idaho Falls.   He is pretty awesome, he is going home in like 5 months. But yeah, we work good together so far. My new area is mostly dirt roads everywhere, bleh. That means that I have to clean my shoes all the time now. LAME! My house is pretty much ghetto. I'm not even going to lie haha. Our shower doesn't put out hot water because there isn't enough pressure to start the water heater. So you have to turn on the faucet in the sink for hot water, and then turn on the shower and the sink  tap will cut off. You have about 1 minute of hot water and then its cold again. To get more hot water, you turn the sink tap back on, and the shower cuts off. You wait till it gets hot again, and then you turn on the shower. Its a very intense system. 
Our washer is just a bucket that you fill with water and then it spins around. I feel like a straight up pioneer. I would rather wash my clothes in a river. Its just cooler that way haha.    
And now that we are starting winter, it would be great to have a heater huh? Too bad ours is broken haha.Sweet! wow, I'm complaining a ton.    I really do love my new area and everything about it. It just takes some time getting used to it! 
So this Sunday was way awesome. We had 5 people in church! 4 of the 5 were the new family that we found on Friday! They are super awesome and they are going to be baptized for sure. I'm still trying to get used to all the people here. Like we have investigators right now that I don't really know. Its kinda awkward for me now because they already know my companion but not me.. Oh well. I guess that's whats to be expected in a new area. 
We don't eat with a lot of families here. We have a calendar and everything, but its pretty blank. wahh wahh wahhh. haha. So I´ve been eating a lot of eggs here. They are cheap and delicious. Can someone look up for me if eating a lot of eggs is healthy or not? I know they have a lot of protein, but I'm not sure about anything else. 
Well what else? Oh dad, the member last night was worried that you really thought I was drinking coffee haha, so he told me to tell you what it really is. It´s MALTA! it tasted kinda bad though last night haha, I just didn't want to offend them, so I took it! haha. Well I love you guys a ton! Keep working hard with everything and good luck with everything and stuff. Mom send me more asian stuff. A lot of general tso flavor too.  Its the best!   Well you guys are awesome! Thanks for all of your support and everything. I love you guys!! Chau Chau!
 Elder Wheelwright

Our "new" family pictures for 2013 - it was so great skyping with Elder Wheelwright!

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