Monday, May 20, 2013

Well I don't have a ton of time left, so I'll try to do this fast! Well this weekend we had a baptism...haha. SURPRISE!! It was this guy who was basically a dry mormon and wasn't baptized. He would always shut down when anyone brought up baptism and the question....why not? The wife is a super awesome member and everything, shes a convert of 2 years and she is like one the best in our branch haha. But yeah, this family are friends with our mission president and his wife. And they go over to their house frequently. We literally didn't do anything to get him baptized haha..
Presidente Parreño and his wife had a private lesson with them at their house, and they got him to accept. I don't know how, but they did it! yayyyyyy!!!  The mission president lives super close to our area, so that's why they know each other. But yeah, so Presidente Parreño and his wife came to the baptism and they both spoke. It was amazing. I love being in this area where I get to see them and talk to them a lot. They are amazing and I want to get to know them more. But anyways, yeah the baptism was epic. And we got a ton of our investigators there! It was great. We´re seriously going to baptize a ton of people this transfer. I'm excited! So at church yesterday, we had 9 investigators there!!!! That's the most I've had on my mission so far. So coooool! The family that we're working with is still awesome and legit. They went to church for the second time! Things are really happening around here haha.

So this week I got sick. I think it was from the water...gah. I'm still not fully recovered either. I still have a hard time eating anything without my stomach killing me. So we were out for a few days this week. It started last Monday..gah. I will spare you all the details, but just know that I was really sick. haha. Just know that I never want to eat potatoes again makes me gag just thinking about them. The weather here is SOOOO cold now. It was such a fast change and we are headed into winter FAST. I'm rocking gloves, hats, scarves, and double jackets and I'm still cold!!! haha. Jeeeze. I love it so much better than the hot though. Currently we have no power...I'm not really sure why. But its lame. gah. Our house just sucks. Everything is ghetto and is breaking and falling apart.

So I have a question, how much money is in my savings account and my checking too? I want to watch it so I don't spend all my money on dumb things here in Argentina haha. I have to buy stuff back home too to start up my life again! I forgot school is ending haha....what grade is Nathan in now? I feel like it just started. I've been in the mission for a really long time now haha. Seriously. Time is starting to hit me. Like remembering a year ago, I was still in a white shirt and tie haha. So weird. Oh well.

Let me know when you are going to send the package! Well I think that its time to go haha.   Time always slips away from me! maple extract and tapatila hot sauce and green tabasco sauce would be great in my next package too...haha. I'll be waiting on those pictures in the mail. I've got one of mine ready. Its awesome. I've been looking through the church magazines picking out awesome stuff. Its going to be great. End of story. haha

Well I love you guys a ton!! Thanks for your support and love! Chau Chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

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