Monday, February 11, 2013

Hola family!
I'm dying down here from the heat!   I finally got my haircut!!!! haha.   That helped a little bit, but now the sweat just runs down into my face. Grosssss.
Okay well something sad happened 2 weeks ago that I forgot to mention. One of our investigators died from Pancreas cancer.  He was really awesome and would have for sure gotten baptized.  The last time we talked to him, he told us that he wants to get better so he can go to church. I guess this form of cancer is really deadly and fast moving... Talking to his wife is really hard too. 'Im just this missionary kid from the states. She's crying and my spanish sucks so I don't really know what to do. I just feel really bad and super sad. Although, as we know death is not the end. Roberto will not change in the spirit world. If he was going to accept the gospel here from us, he will for sure accept it there as well.
SOOO...another death related experience that happened yesterday.   I almost died, for real for real haha.  Holy crap, you would have gotten a really crappy phone call if my Elder Henry didn't save me. So we were walking along the side of the road yesterday and this car was apparently coming up on us really fast. He was driving pretty much on the side of the road, where he shouldn't have been. I think he was drunk, I'm not sure.  But yeah, so I was walking, and Elder Henry looked back like 3 seconds before this car almost hit me head on. He grabbed my side instantly and pulled me over away from the car. I looked right when the car was passing me and he was exactly right where I was walking. Everything was all slow motion and stuff.  WIERD! haha.  So yeah, I'm here right now because my companion saved me!  Its crazy how close you can be to death. You can be taken at any second. So live life to the fullest!  It shook me up a little bit after, but I'm totally okay now haha.  Anyways. Enough of the crazyness.
The girl we are teaching went to church again! This time, we didn't even have to call and remind her. Actually she specifically asked us not too haha. But yeah, she showed up again and she is preparing for her baptism on February 23rd!!! I'm super stoked!!   We pretty much just need to teach her the commandments and then boom! In the water! Some guy that we found last Sunday totally came to church too! He is this 86 year old guy and he rode his bike to the church haha. He committed himself within the first 5 minutes of talking to him to come to the church. Legit. Those are the super easy ones haha. He cant hear very well, so when he talks, its super loud. So in the middle of one of the talks, he was practically screaming something to me haha. I tried to everything I could to get him to stop talking haha. But yeah, I think that's all!
I'm sure there was a ton more stuff that happened, but I cant remember...sorry! Well I gotta run!
Chou Family!!

Elder Wheelwright

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