Monday, January 21, 2013

SOO....I’m staying in Olavarria for my 3rd transfer!  Transfers just make me super nervous.   I pretty much hate them. A lot of stuff stayed the same.   Elder Henry stayed too, so we'll have 3 transfers together.   This transfer is going to be a long one (9 weeks!), so that should be fun. I’m really glad that I stayed, our area is just starting to pick up.  There is a ton of potential and now we just need to harvest it. One guy that we´ve been working with said he was reading the Book of Mormon one day and he decided that he wanted to quit smoking.   We´ve never even mentioned the word of wisdom or anything like yet, so it’s awesome!! Miracles! Wooot!
Speaking of miracles...Miracle. She sounds like she´s going crazy haha. She just loves being outside. Hmm hopefully this is just a phase or something.    Speaking of dogs....holy crap,  I´ve never been more afraid of dogs than I am right now.   I hate running into mobs of angry dogs on the street.  It happened several times this week haha.  They just look so scary with their huge teeth and what not.  I miss clean, nice dogs from the U.S. hahaha.
We´re just passing the hottest time of the year right now, thank goodness.  I’m so tired of being super sweaty all the time.  It’s so gross. I can’t wait until winter is here!!  Hey so I got my ipod to work, so all is well.   It looks like you never responded to that email anyways.....haha. Gracias.
So I´ve been thinking of stuff that I want in my next package;  I want this stuff called Veri Veri Teriyaki. It’s this awesome sauce that you´ve bought before.  Also sweet and sour sauce.   I’m on an asian kick right now.   You can’t get anything like that here. You can buy rice super cheap, but nothing asian.  It’s like 10$ for a small bottle of imported sweet and sour sauce.  Expensive! Yeah.
So right now as I’m emailing...I feel like I’m dying. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I have a bunch of internal pain around my stomach area. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve eaten sketchy food recently or what.   I took a siesta today and I woke up feeling fine, until I started moving.   Immediate pain.   If this continues for much longer, I’m probably going to call the doctor or the Hermana Parreño.   I feel so sick and so in pain gahh.  Haha  Its so annoying.
 Yeah, so I need to control my spending for sure.   Don’t transfer any more money into my account haha. This is the time I need to learn self control. In Spanish self control is autocontrol..random.   But funny, right? haha.
The baptism this week was so awesome!! Hanna´s parents were able to come and everything.   I know without a doubt they are next, when they decide to make sacrifices with their work schedule.   I want to set them a temple date after they are baptized! EPIC!   So when we filled up the font, we kind of overflowed it..haha.  Oops.  We didn’t know it was going to fill up that fast, so we left it and went to work more.  Also the hot water in our building doesn’t work.. The water was 10000% cold!! Gah.   It was my first time actually getting into the water, and it was awesome.   I had been practicing the baptismal prayer all day to memorize it in Spanish.  It was pretty easy.   Hanna´s name was way harder to memorize. haha.  It’s like 6 names long.  The support from the ward was awesome!   So many people came.   We made these invitations and handed them out to families.   Maybe that’s why?   It was super successful and awesome.   Hanna was super happy afterwards.   AMAZING!!   First baptism in Argentina! Many more to come. haha. Lets get to workkk!
Umm honestly I don’t know about the number of missionaries in the mission and if it’s going lower. I’ve heard that there has been a pause on missionaries from the united states because it’s so hard to get a VISA.   But I'm not sure other than that.
Well I gotta go!  Chou!  Love you all!

Elder Wheelwright
Planking Argentina style!


              The picture with all the people is when we had refreshments in the cultural hall.

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