Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I’m super jelly of the cold weather. I just have to hold out until June! Then I will be plenty cold!   Socks pretty much suck here haha. Argentine quality will last me for a couple months I think or less. So if you have room, feel feel to send them. I don’t need a ton because Grandma Garlick sent me some! YAY!   My clothes are pretty much holding up. All of the pants that I have, have something wrong with them in different ways. But they are still going. So I will let you know in the future. Gracias for ordering me some insoles!    It’s going to be awesome haha.
Okay, so this Sunday, Hanna came again! Which means her baptism for this Saturday is SO going to happen. We´re really stoked. I know that once her parents see her get baptized, they are going to jump on board for sure. In the lessons, they are already like members. They always have BYU TV playing in their house. It’s crazy. The only thing holding them back is their dumb work schedules! Once we get around that, they will be baptized too.    But next transfer.   Hopefully I’ll still be around!    I can’t believe transfers are already here again. I really hope Elder Henry and I stay. Things are just starting to go our way.      The picture I attached of the 2 girls, Hanna is the one in the blue. She went to a baptism of another girl this week. They are like the best of friends now, so it’s perfect. Hanna already has good friends in the church and she is super excited to go every Sunday.
We’re also working with this owner of a pharmacy. I think I’ve talked about him before, but he is awesome. He reads the Book of Mormon a ton and yeah. He had to go to a wedding this Sunday though, so he couldn’t attend the church. LAME. Oh well, we´ll get him next week! He´s another huge reason why I don’t want to be transferred.
Zone conference was this week. It was pretty good. I had a way better experience at this one, than the one I had in the states. It didn’t feel as long! haha. Today I got 2 packages!! WOOOOT! Every hates on me for getting stuff all the time, but I don’t even care.  haha. The first package I got was from Alisha! It had a ton of pictures in it and stuff. Super awesome! The next one I got was from the Bullock family in Colorado. It had a bunch of letters from everybody in the best Colorado ward ever. OAKWOOOOD. haha. But yeah, that was super epic. I have plans on writing people back, it’s just when I get time. It’s super difficult to find time haha. But I will do it! Thanks everyone for your support! I love you all! Chou.

Elder Wheelwright

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