Monday, July 30, 2012

The baptism yesterday went awesome! It was a very cool spiritual experience. I still don't really count it as my first because I was only there for about half of the teaching. But It's part mine! haha
This week has been pretty normal. Nothing special. Oh! Except that someone called the cops on us because they thought we were soliciting.. cool haha. That was pretty weird.
Spanish is still the same as it usually is. Which is rare. I try my best to do language study, but most of the time it gets skipped. When I actually do it, I just study vocab. Which is good, but isn't that helpful. I want to be able to speak it with someone so I can apply the words I'm using. Bleh. I'm in contact with one Elder that came into my district later, who is in Bahia Blanca. And he says he loves it down there. The people, the country. Everything is awesome! Bleh.. I want to go haha.
Yesterday in church, a miracle happened! Some random lady walked in the church, and luckily we were by the door. She was holding a book of Mormon and she asked us if this was the literature we used in this church. We were like yup! You're in the right place haha. It was sweet. We immediately jumped on her! I sat next to her in church and was explaining things as church went on. It kinda sucked, because the theme of the meeting was girls camp.. so not a good first meeting for someone who has never come before..haha. I asked her after what she thought of it. She said it was interesting. hmm.. She had to leave after the first hour to pick up her daughter at the airport. But she told me that she would come to church next week and go to all 3 hours!!! Cooool! We don't really have any contact info of her. And I tried to set up an appointment with her but she kind of shrugged it off. Hmm.. I think it was all a little too much for a first visit. haha. But next week we will try to get an appointment! She was such a nice lady!
I havent got the package yet.. :/  I think it takes longer because you send the box to the mission office address and they have to forward it out to me wherever I am. So thats why its taking longer probably.
I've been having issues with my companion lately. Ugh. I'm learning how to be patient soo much. I just want to explode sometimes. but I'm learning to control it I think haha.... for the most part I think we get along. Patience is key..haha Well thats all for this week! Love you all!

Elder Wheelwright

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