Monday, July 23, 2012

 Hellllo Family!‏
Hows it going? I dont really have a lot of time today, but I'll just give you as quick update of whats going on. The area is still awesome, and the families are so nice! We really get hooked up food-wise every day.
This Sunday, I have my first baptism with this 9 year old kid named josh. It's going to be sweet! So one of our main focus's has been on this family (josh's family). We try to get in contact with them a lot to help them stay solid. So last Friday, the dad got sick and had to go to the hospital. We showed up the next day with cinnamon rolls and some ice cream. To make them feel better + make that contact right before Sunday so they would come to church. This family needed to come to church this Sunday or their son would lose the baptismal date ( because you have to come 3 times to church). Last week the whole family got food poisoning from some hot dogs. So the bap. date got pushed back one week. So this Sunday, they came to church yay! But about 50 min. into sacrament meeting the little daughter threw up all over herself..yuck. And guess what made her sick?? Yup. Our cinnamon rolls that we gave the family the day prior.. awesome haha. It sucked. But it was super funny at the same time. Like we made her sick. the family left right after that happened. Stupid Satan, trying to do everything he can to stop a baptism..! But it still counted as coming to church so its okay!! :) Baptism is still on!
 Its been super hot here in Colorado... like 90's every day. It sucks. But yeah, about the white shirts... I did stick them in the dryer..ooops. But I'm not going to give up yet! I'm just going to keep on trying everything that I can! I'm excited for this package coming! Yay!  A Mariners game again? Fun! I never got to go to those... :(
Our ward mission leader was telling us about the terrorist attack that happened at the batman dark knight rises premiere in Colorado. He said its all over national news. Its so crazy.. It just makes me sick. And it's kind of near us too! So thats crazy! As missionaries, we are legit disconnected from the world. It kinda sucks. but oh well, its not what we're out here to do.
Well I miss you guys! Still no word on my VISA at all. I've calculated a date, October 25th is when ill get my visa, according to the time frame that Elder Higley got his. So that sucks.. I love Colorado, but I want to speak spanish! There is this family in the ward that is from Argentina. She cooked us food from Argentina. So that was sweet. There is also a less active lady that served a mission in Bahia Blanca! The only reason we got in her house is because she wanted to talk to me about Bahia Blanca! We went through her photos! It kinda gave me a taste, but those pictures were like 20 years old. I'm sure some things have changed! Anyways! gotta go! Love you!!! :)

Elder Wheelwright

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