Monday, July 16, 2012

Hola Familia!
Again, so much to write haha. My new area is crazy. I got put in a trio. But I found out that one of the guys in my trio is also a VISA waiter going to Argentina. But he got his VISA! So he actually left this morning.. jealous. haha his name was Elder Higley, he was an awesome guy and I'm going to miss him. Even for the short amount of time he was it, we had some awesome times haha.

So my area is supposed to be a bike area, but since my companion, Elder Silva is District Leader, we get a car! Sweet. I don't even have a bike anyways so I'm not sure how that would even work out. But my companions are awesome. Well I only have one now, but everything is cool. He is from Los Angeles and he is Mexican. But doesn't speak Spanish! I always make fun of him for it. The new companions  I got put with are super hard workers. They actually do what they are supposed to do. Unlike my last pair of companions..They were so lazy. I always felt like we were wasting time. We never proselyted or talked to anyone on the streets. But this new companionship is like a complete 180 from the ones I had when I first got to Colorado. We talk to everyone. I'm still scared to death though about random contacting. I'm getting better and better I guess with practice. With my last companions, I didn't really learn anything. Except how to be a bad missionary haha. Like I told my new comps. the day I met them. Treat me like a brand new missionary and like I don't know anything. And it's been working good so far. I'm learning so much and am working way hard.

The new area I am in is called Indigo Ranch / Oakwood. It's like a rich area. All the houses are like way nice. My last area in Fountain was GHETTO. Members here fight over who gets the feed the missionaries..sweet! We get fed so good here, it's not even funny.
I'm losing my spanish already... ugh. It's super lame that they keep putting me in English places. There have been several occasions where I had the opportunity to talk in spanish with people but I just blank up and cant speak.. I hate it. I don't really have time for language study. But I'm going to make sure it gets done. Like I will put it in my planner!
We have this 9 year old right now for a bap. date, 2 weeks from now. Which is cool. I came in like half way, so I don't really feel like its my baptism. But I'm still stoked to be able to participate in it!

One of the days this week, we went to lunch at Taco bell! First time in a long time haha. Anyways while we were there, we totally taught the first lesson (the restoration) to somebody and got them a bap. date. It was so awesome haha. I picked to go to taco bell too.. ;)  And on our way out we also met someone else and got a return appointment! We call taco bell out golden spot. I am not really a fan for eating out. It costs money for one, and 2, its terrible for you. If I keep eating out, I'll just gain weight back. Which is not something I want to do haha. 

Elder Higley had this corn bread mix that he wanted to make before he left. But we didn't have the right kind of pan. So he did it in a skillet with a rubber So he put it in the oven. Holy crap it stank up our whole apartment! It set off the smoke detector AND the carbon monoxide sensor. So we opened the doors and windows haha and then called the mission office. We were super sketched out after they went off. We live in some nice apartments. Such a step up from my last ones in the ghetto. Although yesterday, we found that we have an ant problem in our house.. what the crap? haha So we need to figure out what to do from there. We were just spraying them with windex..

So 2 of my white shirts are ruined... :( My short sleeved ones. One of them has like car oil or something on it. I rested my back against a wall and then it got on my sucks. And another one i spilled franks red hot sauce on the collar.. I tried washing it like twice with a bunch of different stain removers..but nothing. Do you have any tips?

 I got a piece of mail today from Michelle! It was sweet! First letter being out in the field!!
 Has anyone sold my 2 PSPS yet? If possible could someone do that this week? If nathan can do it, I'll hook you up with like $20..haha.. The longer they sit around, the less value they have.  I cant really remember anything else..
That sucks that something is wrong with Miracle.. hopefully its just something temporary? She better be good when I come back! haha
You don't actually have to send aloe. There is a Korean market around here that has them. If you want to send beef jerky then that would be okay ;) haha Everything else can be random though.
Thanks A ton! I miss you guys! :) Have a great week!!

Sincerely Elder Wheelwright

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