Wednesday, July 4, 2012

 Hello! Last Email From The MTC!!‏
Hellllo Family! Wow. Today is the day! I have an hour and a half left in the MTC!!! I'm super nervous! AGHH. haha My companions left this morning, so I'm the only one left from my district now. Packing is done. It was pretty annoying but I got it down. MY bags are 45, 35 and then my carry-on is 40. Yay! I had to situate things around several times though. I am traveling alone to Colorado Springs. Other missionaries that got reassigned also to colorado springs are leaving at like 2 or 3pm for the airport? So I'll just be alone. No worries. My flight is only like an hour and a half I think. I hope my mission will be in spanish.. I guess I'll find out soon enough. 
So about calling. I should get to the airport at about 12pm. From there I'm going to check in and then grab some food. Then I will call. I'm not sure if there is a time difference? haha Someone told me that their phone card didnt work in the airport. So i'm hoping that ill be able to figure it out! What else? hmm Ill send you my address to my new mission when I get there. Hopefully I can have a cool trainer and that we will get along. I never got the chance to send a package because today is the fourth of July, so everything around here in the MTC is closed. So I have my SD card now with 700 pictures on it... I don't even know how I'm getting all of these pictures haha. I feel like I'm not even using my camera that much. Also can you put up some pictures on my blog. I have gotten requests from people for pictures. Just pick some good ones. I have my emergency money still, well most of it. Somehow I spent like 100+ $$ here. What did I even buy? I can't even remember buying stuff.. I dont know.
 HAPPY 4th of July! 
 I dont know if anyone will be doing fireworks in colorado because of the fires. So i'm not sure If i'll have the opportunity to see them. People here at the MTC get to watch fireworks from BYU. I think I even heard that the "bed time" here is being pushed back to 11pm just for tonight. I'm sure it will be the same for me too if we do get to watch fireworks. I really have no idea what to expect when I land in Colorado. I have heard that you are in meetings pretty much all day. Oh joy. haha. Well I really dont know what else to say.. Except that I will talk to you soon! Somewhere between 12-2. I love you guys!

Elder Wheelwright

email received on July 3rd:  


Packing all day today...crazy. I should have helped you pack the first time before I came out so I know where everything goes! I think im doing pretty great though. I love my suitcases! They are so deep and huge. You can fit a TON of stuff in them! Okay I'll have one more opportunity to email tomorrow. So this one will be short. I'm meeting here at the MTC travel office @11am. My flight leaves at 2:05pm or 2:55pm. Can't remember. So between those times is when I will call. Thanks for the numbers on the dear elder! But I think i acidently packed it away... :/. So I'll have to dig them up! I think im going to send a package home.  Back to go pack some more/do more laundry! Love you guys! I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Elder Wheelwright

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