Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello Family!
This week has been pretty same-old kinda stuff. Nothing really exciting with missionary work. We don't have any new investigators :( And no one came to church that we asked to. Well last week wasn't all bad! Yesterday the bishop here pulled us into his office and basically gave us the best referral ever. This lady is moving in to the ward on Friday, and she has an unbaptized 9 year old daughter. She said she wants her to get baptized! Since she's over 8, its a convert baptism! and we get to teach her ! So that's way awesome. I'm excited for that! The lady that walked into church last week that said she was going to come back, didn't. :( We found out later that she felt pressured. Yup, understandable. My comp. pestered her as she was leaving, for a return appointment. repeatedly. But whatever. I think she will come back eventually. It's just a bummer though.
This week, I discovered our apartment had MOLD! Awesome. It was all over the walls in the same little closet as our ghetto water heater, which we found was leaking and super rusty. So that's cool. Since day one in that apartment, I've always thought that it smelled weird and kinda gross. Now I know why. So we had to work with the apartment office and they kept telling us they were coming to fix it that day, but it ended up being a couple days later. hmmm.  I found a mask in a drawer and so I put it on to be over dramatic haha. It's a great picture though nonetheless.
We finally got all that sorted out, and we ended up getting a new water heater. The pinnacle apartments we live in are kind of ghetto.. I mean from the outside they look good, but everything else.. kinda bad. It's funny because they are called luxury apartments. haha, syke.
We ate at a members house this week who has the reputation of piling on more food on you're plate when its gone and just stuffing you until you cant eat any more. Holy crap.. it was rough. I was SO full that night and my stomach was hurting so bad. There was just more food and more food and then dessert with a glass of milk, and then a second dessert with a glass of chocolate milk..gah. It's painful even thinking back to that night haha. On top of being full, I had to give the spiritual thought that night @ dinner. So before I started,
I was just like I'll try and see if I can talk still and everyone started laughing haha.. It was so hard though. Like sooo much food. I've never been that full in my life! The guy was an awesome cook though. He is a chef for the air force, pretty cool.

About the address of my apartment... I have it but not on me haha. And it's best to send all mail to the mission office. especially this late into transfers. Transfers are on August 22. So it's coming up pretty quick. I did get the package! It's awesome thanks! :)
So there is no word on my VISA yet. I talked to my mission president and asked him for transfers dates in my mission.(Argentina) They are Aug.7 or Sep.18. So I have to get my VISA before one of those dates or else I have to wait another full transfer here in Colorado. I've been kinda noticing patterns about the people who are getting their VISA's and the people who aren't. It seems like they are going in alphabetical order.. The 4 people that left a couple weeks ago were 3 H's and an M last name. There is a guy here with a last name starting with W and he has been here in Colorado for like 5 or 6 months waiting.. So I REALLLY hope that I'm wrong. I got super disapointed when I put that info together. Can you look into that for me? And see if VISA's are done by alphabetical order?
Wow. Can't believe Dallin is already leaving ! haha that came up quick! Thats cool that you get to speak though, kind of. I hate speaking so much. haha Yeah Sunday topics are super important when it comes to bringing investigators to church.
Dang! that has been pretty hot for federal way! We have been having thunder/lightning storms + rain for like a week stragith now. It's pretty cool. Finally the roof is getting done haha! Geeeze. Tell nathan, when he relist's them to put them up for an auction starting @ like $50. haha go Nathan! Sell all of your old stuff and get new stuff! Smart Stuff. Did you ever look on amazon for that Colorado jersey I told you about?
Also next p-day we are going to take a tour of a military base inside of a mountain. It's called Shyanne mountain. One of the members are taking us through.
Well My time is up! I love all of you guys so much and I miss you!! Have an awesome week!

Elder Wheelwright

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