Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Family!
I got what I needed from Sister Perez, Thanks! We're actually taking the tour next Monday, not today.
The little deposits I'm making are missionary funds. Since this is my reassignment, I don't have a debit card like the rest of the missionaries that are supposed to be here. So my money gets put on my comps debit card. So we go to the bank and withdraw it and then I put it on my card because I don,t want to use cash haha. So it all works out the same.  I didn't find the Jersey yet, but I'll keep looking, so don't buy any yet. I'll let you know.
Sweet! Good job Nathan! :) Tell him he can have like $20. Is that what I said? I cant remember. haha
I'm sure your talk was good, they always are. It's good that you talked about missionary work. We try to get the members in our ward pumped up about missionary work. We challenge them to read Preach My Gospel. There is this one awesome member, who is super into the work because of PMG. She comes to appointments with us and is an awesome fellow-shipper. I'm sure Dallin did a good job too haha. Langley told me that he sounded nervous haha.But I was way nervous too haha.
So the "chef" that feeds us does it on purpose I think. We have him for dinner this Wednesday again, so I'm a little bit scared haha. But I'll prepare myself this time!
I'm starting to lean away from the Visa's being alphabetical too.
I sent my SD Card via regular mail today. So it should be there soon! :)

So this week has been pretty wild. I went on 3 different exchanges this week. 2 of them were bike areas haha.. That was, fun I guess. Both areas were really hilly so that sucked. I was super tired, especially because it was my first day on a bike. It was good exercise though!
We had a lot of Miracles happen this week, like random people calling us and telling us that they have been looking for an LDS church. One specific family that called us are inactive but want to come back. They do have 2 children who are unbaptized (14 & 12 years old). They want to get them baptized but there are problems. The lady is divorced and her husband is like super anti-Mormon. He doesn't want them baptized. Since they have joint custody, they both have to give permission... :( so aka..they cant get baptized probably until they are 18. We are still going to be teaching them though and re-activating them!
One of our new investigators this week is like 60 years old and is a professional body builder and he is also a director for zombie movies haha! It's sweeeet.
While on exchanges the 2nd time, a member took us out to this Brazilian buffet. Super goood. I was feeling adventurous and tried some things that I would never have thought I would have eaten! I ate quail eggs, those were bad. Just a little bit hard. I also ate the core of a palm tree, nasty. And then... I ate a chicken heart. haha it was NASTY. I tried my best to swallow it haha. But it was hard. It didn't taste that bad, but just the thought of me eating a chicken heart was gross. A couple days later, a member wanted me to try sushi. So i did.. it had crab in it. yuck. I didn't want to eat it, but I didn't want to offend him haha. So I did it. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good. I'm not a fan. I'll Pass next time. haha
I know there is more that happened, but I cant remember right now. Lame. I hate it when that happens. The whole week is just full of so many awesome epic things! Well I love you guys! I hope you have a great weeek! :) . When you get my card in the mail, just put the pictures on my hard drive. Thanks mom! :)

Elder Wheelwright

Oh another thing I just remembered that happened this week! On Saturday we volunteered at a home owners association carnival. It was from 8am-4pm. Man it was sooo hot too. I put on sunscreen, but from the pictures I sent, you can see that it didn't work haha. I am super fried! It hurts so much just to move haha. I got burn lines from my glasses too, so that's awesome. For the carnival, I ran a giant hamster ball course. It was awesome. I got to try it with another elder at the very end, it was so sick!! I got a little video of us racing. The lady taking the video didn't really know how to work the camera.. So its only like 6 seconds long. But still. Those are attached haha! It was soo fun. I'm still feeling the pain. I'm putting a ton of aloe vera gel on everyday.

Well I think that's it! Bye bye!

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