Monday, September 9, 2013

Hola family!!
So big news... I got transferred! haha It was a huge surprise. Being in Santa Rosa for only 6 weeks is weird. People usually stay there for months and months. I thought I was going to end my mission there. But yeah, I'm now in the city of Mar Del Plata! It's a HUGE city and it's right next to the beach! whooo! I'm stoked! Its the furthest place away from Santa Rosa though. My bus ride was 11 hours! was so lame. and uncomfortable! I tried to sleep, but it was pretty much impossible. In the end, I actually wanted to stay in Santa Rosa for the ward and the investigators. We have 2 baptisms that are 100% for sure that I had to leave...nooooo! I was way sad about that. But in some ways I'm happy I left. Fresh air, new companion, new area.
The baptism on Saturday was awesome! A miracle happened too. Marta, the lady who got baptized, has a huge fear of water. In her whole life shes never put her face under water. The night before the baptism she couldn't sleep at all because she was so nervous and scared. We even stopped by her house 2 hours before the baptism to check on her, and she was practically shaking. But when it came time for the baptism, I asked her how she felt. She said that all of her fears left her and that she was calm. We did the baptism in one try! YEAH!! What a miracle. I'm going to miss her and her family so much. They are sooo cool! We bonded like instantly with them. They would always invite us over for dinner and stuff too. She cried when I had to leave, it was way sad. I'm no goood at saying goodbyes haha. Bleh. But that's the life of  missionaries. Don't live with feelings, or else you're just going to be sad in the end haha.
So I am finally with my first latino companion! He's from Paraguay. Actually, I have 2 latino companions... I'm in a trio. Nooo...those are the worst. The other guy is from Argentina and he is waiting for his visa so he can go to Spain. The air in Mar Del Plata is so awesome, its fresh and clean and moist and smells like the ocean. Our house is not that great. It's 2 stories though.
I forgot my memory card this week, lame. Sop I'll have to send you guys some pictures next week! I love you guys so much and thanks for all of your support! Let me know if you have any questions, chau!!

Elder Wheelwright

Oh, as for stuff in the package. I'm super good with supplies and stuff. Shirts, I have too many haha. It's almost time to start ditching stuff, like all of my winter stuff. Maybe just food from the states haha. I'm not sure. Tapatilo hot sauce and cholula hot sauce would be great!! haha I love it.. Chau!

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