Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey family!

So I’m loving my new area.  We are right by the beach and right next to one of the biggest cities besides Buenos Aires.  And! Everything is sooo green! Awesome. The people here have been pretty friendly so far. So I’m excited to find people to teach. 
Okay, so my companions. First I’ll start off with Elder Contreras. He is from Rio Negro, Argentina. He also speaks English too! Legit! He is basically like my twin but from Argentina haha. We like the same stuff, have the same humor and the same personality. It’s awesome. Probably one of my favorite companions so far. I have to be careful in a trio because I don’t want to give all the attention to one of my comps, or the other is going to feel bad.  Its already starting to turn into this. My other companions is  from Paraguay and I’m trying my best to love this guy, but he isn’t a happy person.   I’m super stoked to be in Mar del Plata, all the elders in my house are super cool. And we get along great. The Spanish all the time is pretty easy. When I first thought of being with Latinos, I was scared haha. But it’s super easy. Spanish is coming along great. There is still a lot to learn, but hey it’s okay. I’ll never be perfect. 
So we have 2 investigators that I want to tell you about. They are this couple that are living together (not married), and between them they have 15 kids...and one on the way haha. Their house burned down and now they have nothing. The dad sold his car to buy a piece of land to build a house on. He collects pieces of wood where He can find it and puts it on his house. We’re talking super humble. But they are soooo amazing. Super great people. When we teach them, I feel like we're camping haha. We sit on wooden stools outside at night..and we turn into ice cubes because it’s so cold! They have problems with smoking, but they are ready to drop it. And haven’t smoked since we taught them the word of wisdom. Also they are going to get married really soon. This week they are going to take a number to get married. It might be like a 4 month wait, so that sucks. But at least they are fulfilling the commandment with God. They’ve been to church twice already! YEAH! They have to walk 45 min. to get here too. Basically nobody has a car here, so we can’t help them out. But yeah, their baptism is on the 13th of October! I’m super excited! 
Sorry this email is so random. I had to type it super fast because I didn’t have a lot of time. Also Nathan never wrote me to tell me about the tennis match haha. FAIL! That’s cool that he’s driving now alone! Scary Stuff. Also..teriyaki. That sounds soooo good. You don’t know how bad I miss that. That’s one of the first things I want to eat when I get home. But we won’t talk about that yet haha. I love you guys a ton! Have an awesome week! If you have any questions, let me know!! Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

okay so about this package...beef jerky teriyaki flavored. Dried Fruit..mangos, papaya? Hot sauce. Cholula. Yumm. Haha food, somewhat healthy. haha. Almonds!! Flavored almonds please!! The blue diamond brand in those cans haha. Please!

Baptism in Santa Rosa

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