Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hola Familia!‏

This week has just flown by! I feel like it was p'day 2 days ago! I{ve been in the MTC for a month already, wow! I feel like my spanish still sucks. But I am learning so much about the gospel and the doctrine everyday, which is awesome! Everyone is pretty much better, in terms of sickness. YAY! No more missing classes and sitting in waiting rooms...haha.
My teacher, Hermano Shiede had us start a game this week. We have to speak in 100% spanish everywhere!!! Except gym. Its sooooo hard! We have 5 notecards every day. If someone hears you speaking english, they take a card for each english word that you said. The first day was probably the hardest. I realize now that I am talking all the time. Even when Im sitting somewhere, I need to be talking. I now found myself sitting there wanting to talk, but cant because I dont know how to speak spanish..haha So I have to restrain! Yesterday was the second day, and I failed hard. I had 0 at 1pm..! Later in the day before our devotional, Elder Parker found someone he knew and he spoke english to them. I told him to give me all of his cards, and he said it didnt count. Later our DL told him that it did counted. So he took all of his cards, and threw them in my face... and then stormed out of the room. For the rest of the day he didnt talk to me or wouldnt walk by me. He would walk like 10 to 15 feet in front of me. IT WAS SO AKWARD! I hated it. It's just a game.. At the end of the day, he finally talked and said that he wasnt mad at me but was mad at the rules... Okay then... I saw the angry side of my companion this week. It was no good. I hope something like that doesnt ever happen again, but I know in the future i'll probably have some issues with my companions.  This week our lessons didnt go so great. I guess it was a humbling experience. After one of our lessons, our teacher just straight up told us that it was bad.. I was pretty down about that, but I got over it. Redemption time is today, so hopefully everything goes alright!

So miracle is becoming a killer¿ No bueno! I thought about her biting the mole haha it's so gross. Maybe you should take her to the vet, dirty animals like birds and moles might have diseases. Also maybe just a suggestion, write me a short email with things you want to know. Its so hard just sitting down and trying to think of what to say. It sounds like the cabinet is coming along. Funny how things get done when Im gone...

Mail is the best thing in the world, besides the gospel of course. Thanks for everyone who has written me so far! I always get hated on by my district because I get so many.. haters gunna hate! The super sarcastic person I was telling you guys about just got made district leader..haha so we'll see what happens. He knows how to push peoples buttons and does it frequently, hopefully this position can help him overcome that.

Well I guess that is all for this week! It's short but this week was super uneventful. I love you guys! Ñ=  ugh.. that was a smiley face, but im using a spanish keyboard..haha

Elder Wheelwright

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