Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hola famila.
 I only have 28 minutes left to write..sigh. SO much to say. I'm not sure if you got my first letter yet, but it was about my first days here so I won't waste time in writing that.
Me and my companion are getting along fine still. Although he is starting to get where he thinks the whole district is his companionship. He is to worried about what everyone else is doing...Maybe that will impove I hope. Okay so the food is TASTES good, but it like screws you up interally. It makes you feeel awful and it makes you need to poop alot...haha. It's like a free for all with food, but I try to control myself. I have a salad every meal (besides breakfast) and also a banana every meal. Nikki was right, the wraps here are great. It tastes like Chipotle...super good. Today we went to the temple for the first time, we did an endowment session. That was cool and very spirirtual. We ate breakfast there too.
Almost every day we have a gym time. for ~50 minutes. Not enough time at all, but whatever. I always want to play soccer haha. At first my companion hated soccer, but I said to try it this once... and now he likes it. I converted him haha. He is really attached to another missionary in our district and he basically wants to do whatever he wants to do. Such a follower...haha anyways, that kind of bugs me. I want to be like I am your companion not him! Maybe i'll have the courage to bring it up in our planning meeting together. Other than that we get along pretty well.
The spanish is so extreme and intense.. like i'm so overwhelmed but I am getting it little by little. I'm doing much better than my companion in spanish. He always has to ask me for words and how to pronounce things...haha. In our discussions with our investigators, since I know more spanish than him, I'm usually the one doing to the talking (unless we have something written out, then he reads) Pronunciation is ehhh.. for him. But I'm glad I ca understand about 40% of what the investigator says. I'll catch words here and there and can put it all together. It's cool. I like being the one that can do something better than everyone else.. I'm not usually that person. And I don't want to be like fulll of myself..haha But I want to help my companion speak better and sound better. Elder Parker is the senor companion, so I guess he calls most of the shots. This will change..haha. I´m kind of a pushover and that is something I am trying to change. I´m going to be nice about it, but he kind of pushes me around. Anyways haha I know this probably just sounds like I´m venting from my companion, which I kinda am, but I love the guy.
 Okay soo what else. The MTC is okay. At first I didnt like it but now I am getting kind of used to it. Now i have the attitude of I´m going to be sad when I leave. Today, wednesday, new missionaries are coming in. We talked to this Elder about coming in. He was way nice, and im pretty sure he is way scared.. like I was haha.  
 So I was told that I should probably expect to be reassigned to another mission. But that I should have faith.. haha what does that mean? Anyways, 3 people in my district (and that I room with) are also going to bahia blanca. Elder evans friend just got back from the exact same mission. He said that if you are in the city then it is nice. Apparently Bahia blanca is a rich place, because they are at a bay and what not. But if you are away from the city, that it is pretty ghetto. Like dirt floor status...haha oh no.. He also said that the government down there is pretty whack.. like their tax write offs are insane and really corrupted. Like he said that some housed will have a dirt floor and live in a shack but they will have a flat screen tv..haha. Sooo I don't really know what to expect. I'm honestly just so excited to go down there. It's a whole new world to me!
 Also Please send me some phillipine brand dried mangos! :D haha and more Hi-chew. You can but it cheap at super walmart. Also Send me my toms when they come. Also please send me the random things from china that I bought. And my camera. Tell Langley and Dallin And Matt to WRITE me.. no emails for now until I am out in the field at least. Please pass this email along to family or my friends. I don't have time to write people individually, sorry! Maybe I'll learn to better use my time? idk... Umm ALSO we arent allowed to call home on mothers day :(  ....waH WHA WHA... haha. LAME. I almos might need more spiral notebooks.Will you please send me michelles and dallins addresses (at college) . Ask them on facebook for it. I'm not really homesick anymore unless I think about it, If I keep myself busy then I won't be sad. Although I do miss miracle a lot.. haha she was my best friend! hahaha
Okay I think thats all the time I have. DANG, 30 minutes goes fast. I love you all! AND I miss you so much! I am here where I need to be though, doing the Lords work. Yesterday we got to hear from one of the seventy... I hear general authorities come a lot... So I'm looking forward to that. I'm trying to write in my journal alot.. like almost a page a day. my companion always make fun of me that I write so much.. whatever lol He is going to regret it later! ANYWAYS! I love you all, I'm doing great-ish...haha


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