Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This week has been pretty normal. everything is starting to feel like the same thing over and over. Well, thats because it is. Our schedule is the same from week 2-8. Lame. Anyways The mangoes you sent me are already gone. I shared them with my district. That was a mistake ;) haha.
So Sunday was pretty much a break day for me. My companion is really sick so he basically just stayed in bed all day. I had to be with him so I got too take a nap as well. Although initially I was committed to studying spanish! My blanket was just so soft and warm... It felt super good to sleep more though. OH! Last friday I got to take a fieldtrip with my companion! It was sweet. We got to leave the MTC! Highlight of my mission so far. :P just kidding. We went to the health clinic here at the MTC and they took his temperature and it was 106! I thought he was going to die. I think the nurse just messed up though. Anyways, we got shuttled to the BYU Emergency care building off campus. I saw real people there! The TV was on, it was kinda wierd. They made him put a mask on, he looked way funny! Anyways we were there for a long time. I had to sit out in the waiting room..sigh. I was just glad to be away from the MTC!
Yesterday (which was the 183rd anniversary of the priesthood being restored) we got to hear Elder L. Tom Perry speak at our Tuesday devotional. It was awesome. He is probably my favorite apostle. Thats 2 weeks in a row to have apostles speak. My companion was dead set on the prophet speaking to us on Sunday for mothers day. Well it didnt happen. I called it!
Me and my companion get along pretty well, we joke around a lot. We are definitely the closest companionship in our whole district. I've been in the MTC for 3 weeks! Holy crap. Time is like flying, but at the same time it drags. Spanish is getting so complicated. This week/last week they threw a ton of heavy spanish stuff on us. I don't understand all of it. But i'll get there! El don de lenguas! I love playing soccer here. It's like what I look forward to everyday that we have gym! I'm finding that when I run a lot that my shins start to hurt. I hate it, but I just keep going because I love it! I'm kind of even getting tan from being in the sun so much..! Teaching "investigators" are getting a little bit easier. I don't really get nervous in the lessons. I'm mostly nervous right before we enter the door. It's still crazy thinking that we have to teach in spanish.

So a little update on the VISA status. Some Elder told me that the consulate has shut down temporarily. No one is getting their VISAs at all. They are starting to reassign people that arent even leaving for another 3 weeks. This is disappointing.. But a new side adventure will be waiting for me! It's like getting a second mission call. I mean there is always the chance that my VISA might come, but from what I've seen/heard it probably wont happen. So in 3 weeks I might already have my reassignment! DANG!
What else is going on? So i'm the only one who still hasent gotten sick! I'm so happy haha. The people who got sick first are getting sick again. I think its the 2000mg Vitamin C a day that is helping me. I am like the supplier for vitamin C..people in my district ask me for packets. I would love to share! But i'm running out pretty fast! Like I really don't want to get sick! My companion has had it the worst, with several doctor visits. One of the branch counselors for our zone asked me for some of my blood, because I havent gotten sick. I was like, what the heck? haha
Also Pictures are in the mail! So look forward to that! Thanks for everyone who has written me! It's really the best feeling ever. Oh Mom the scripture I want on my plaque is Matthew 28. Im not sure the verses. I'm pretty sure they are the last ones in the chapter. The one verse says go ye therefore and preach... and then the next verse as well. It says ..for I am with you always. Sorry that's its not very specific haha I just cant remember right now. I'll write it in on Nikkis letter that I'm sending!

Well out of time! I love you guys! :)

Sincerely, Elder Wheelwright

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