Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So week 2 in the MTC...hmmm. It's starting to go by super super fast! Everything is pretty much the same haha. Go to classes, eat, sleep. I am still not liking this getting up at 6.30's pretty lame. The language is coming along good I guess, I'm pretty okay at it.
This week we got 2 new investigators, named Gabriellina and Gustan. It's way funny teaching gustan because he is drunk everytime we go to teach haha. I mean the things he says are way funny, him drinking is bad. That is going pretty well. I still get nervous right before our appointment though.
There is this tree in the MTC that apparently smells like cream soda...Elder Parker and I always see people smelling it, it looks wierd. But we decided to try it out yesterday when no one was looking haha. And it smells like cream soda!! It was crazy.
My favorite hymn is in spanish. I guess I should call it himnos..haha It is number 88. Titled "Placentero nos es trabajar". It only exists in the spanish language. It's awesome. Mom, you should try to play it on the piano so you can see what it sounds like. Es Bonita! You know how dad always whistles that same tune like all the time? My companion Elder parker does the same thing. Except he whistles the Jurassic Park Theme song..haha what the crap? It's super random. But it reminds me of dad.
Yesterday at our devotional Elder Christofferson spoke. It was super cool to have an apostle of God speak to you. We got really good seats so we were way up close. There is this Elder in my district (elder Hanzlik). He falls asleep in EVERY meeting haha. And he snores.. It's so funny. He never fails at sleeping during meetings. We always poke him and try to wake him up, but he always falls back asleep. When he falls asleep I always steal his pencils and pens that are in his hands..haha!
Today, since it's P-day, we got to go the temple again. This time we did a sealing session. This was my first and it was pretty cool. There was this older couple with us and they were cool. They were like old old. And they were just holding each others hands. It was sweet. They are sealed together for time and all eternity. They looked so happy together. It reminded me of the song Dear Bobbie by Yellowcard, haha. MUSIC! I miss it so much. I sing any song that comes to my head. I know I shouldnt because they arent hymns, but it's so hard! Speaking of music...After we do our language study on the computer we sometimes have left over time left. So a lot of us go on mormon messsages/ I am a mormon videos. So one day searching through the videos on I am a Mormon..  i found brandon flower's video. AKA the lead singer from the Killers. And in it he is singing Crossfire Live. When I first heard it I got so excited! hahaha I was like oh my gosh!! And I started singing... haha I'm a bad missionary ;) . So I watch that same video whenever I can! Although my companion always is like NO. hahaha Not in like a mean way at all though. almost in a joking manner. We are pretty cool. We don't fight or anything like that. Although sometimes we pretend that we are going to fight. We say Vengame Herman..the spelling is wrong but it translates to "come at me bro"..haha
Everyone in my room makes fun of me because  I write a lot in my journal. Like a full page almost everyday. I've adopted Haters gunna hate as my slogan or whatever. haha What else? It's so stressful emailing. Like we only get 30 minutes so the moment we sign on, the clock goes down. It's so hard haha. And so intense. My heart starts racing as soon as i hit enter. Oh also everyone here thinks i'm a hipster..haha Because of my glasses and because I wear v'necks. And apparently the haircut I got is a hipster haircut? haha sike they are so dumb. They are really dumb. fo' real. haha I'm SO not a hipster.

Mom: Happy mothers day! A card is coming! (I bought it from the BYU bookstore) Oh, p.s. I need those address’s.  I have letters written here with no address, so they just sit on my desk. Also if you want you can put on my facebook about dear elder. So people can write me. OH and can you please send more spiral notebooks. And please send my other watch. The large black one with the blue hands. I'm excited to get my first package! :)

Dad: Thanks for writing me everyday haha..It's really the best thing in the world to get mail.

Nathan: How's it going? Now that my xbox is gone, what do you do? haha Write me sometime.

Miracle: I love you. haha. I saw these 2 dogs as we walked back from the temple. I was like!!! DOGS! MIRACLE! hahaha

Nikki/Scott: Hope errything is going good. Write me more sometime. I will get to your last letter soon I promise!

Alisha/Braeden: Thanks for the pictures! Good memories! I need them...haha because I'm stuck in this prison called the MTC... Also braeden, I havent fallen asleep in class yet. My companion has though... I just let him be. haha

alright, well times up! I love you all! Write me! :) Miss you guys!

Sincerely, Elder Wheelwright

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