Monday, December 16, 2013


Oh! So the chalk writing -  haha funny story!  We kind of got the idea from the people in New York, but not really.  We used the inspiration from them, but it was really our idea haha. When we went to do it that day, we forgot to buy chalk.. So we found some rocks on the side of the road and yeah. We scratched it into the pavement. That didn't last too long haha. It was kind of a fail.
Yeah the police thing was pretty nuts. We had to stay in all day on p-day, but we had to go out and work. Things were kind of nuts. When we first left the house and we hit the main road, this guy rode by on his bike yelling to this other person saying that someone just got killed. and then an ambulance zoomed by. Hmm.. that was scary. The buses also refused to run because a lot of them already got robbed. So we walked to our area, which is far. There was like this look of panic in the faces of the people here. It was very movie like. The other companionship in my ward almost got robbed too, but they got away. We took refuge in a house of a member. we tried calling a taxi to go back to the house, but the wait was an hour because everyone in the world wanted to use a taxi. So we decided to run home. To get to the house, we basically have to run through the ghetto haha. We didn't want to do that, but we started out anyways. Miracle! We found an open taxi after like 2 blocks of running..yaya! It only lasted one day, but everyone is saying now that its going to happen again. The government here is kind of corrupt.. but oh well.
You should try to do the skype thing, even if it costs a little bit of money. The google thing could work, but I'm not familiar with it at all. So I think it would be best to use skype. I think 6pm my time will be the time. But I'll double confirm it for next p-day and I can tell you for sure. but yeah I'm like 99% sure it will be at 6.
Our Christmas party was a little lame haha. Everyone had to bring a salad and something sweet. So we just ate a ton of salad and the Bishopic bought chicken, yumm.. Were trying to pick a family for Christmas this year. but we don't know of anyone super cool haha. Were planning on having the baptism for Diego on the 28th, but he still doesn't have his answer..ugh. So I'm not sure if its going to happen in the end. Well see. Pray for him!   We have a huge problem in the ward right now, no one knows how to fellowship people at all. Its awful. No one wants to talk to Diego or even say hi to him. I don't know what to do anymore. I can give it my 110% , but if the ward doesn't do their job, my work is in vain.
Oh, this Sunday we found this guy early in the morning before church. He is a historian and he has his genealogy back to Moses. Cool stuff.   We're going to start teaching him soon!

Well gotta run! Love you guys a ton! see you in a weeek!!

Elder Wheelwright

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