Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad!!

Well -  Merry Christmas Family!! YAY!! I'm dying from the heat here haha. Covered in sweat always and sunburnt...Feliz Navidad! We did a service project on the coast with a semi-investigator and I got super burnt. The goal was to get more tan, but it kind of failed.  I've been walking like a robot recently because it hurts to move.. haha. Aloe Vera gel isn't something super common here, and if it exists, its imported so its expensive! Like $20 for a bottle...heck no! But there are plenty of aloe plants here, so I've been using the legit stuff. It's pretty awesome. I'm decided that I'm going to grow aloe vera in a later stage of my life haha. You should do it too mom, its good for lots of things. AND you can eat it too! 
Hey! good job Nathan! Looks like he inherited my skills, or no? haha. I think I'll use my same skype account, if I can remember it! I'll test it out on the computer here in a second.   6pm is when I'm calling, be ready! No package yet, I think things will be slower around the holidays anyways. I finally got my Christmas cards out just a week ago, so be on the look out for those in January...or February haha. 
Sounds like the Christmas party was pretty cool! Santa on a firetruck..heck yes. I was wondering when Tyler was going to be leaving, but you answered my question haha. Maybe he´ll come here to Bahia Blaca. That would be crazy, no? Let me know where he's going! 
So Christmas day here isn't that big at all. Nothing happens at all.  The 24th is the most celebrated day here.  There are a ton of fireworks on the 24th too, not sure about the 25th...can't remember.   Oh my gosh... our ¨christmas program¨was awful haha.  It was soooooo hot in the chapel, everyone was dying..the fans didn't really work. (we don't have AC..just fans)   And the talk was soooo long and the speaker giving it has a monotone voice.   I was happy when it was over haha. 
Soo... exciting news!! Our investigator Diego had an interview with the bishop yesterday and Diego came out of there saying he's getting baptized this weekend!! (which has always been his scheduled date)!! Whoooooo!! I'm super happy, this guy is way awesome and I just have to say FINALLY. haha we've been working with him for this whole transfer now! We've been finding lots of new investigators lately, but the thing is, is that they wont go to church! Why don't they understand? Gah. That's what were currently trying to figure out. Yesterday we had a giant discussion and bible bash with a hardcore was awful. Super prideful and he wouldn't listen to us at all. It was like an hour and a half in total. During the conversation, I rubbed my eye and my contact fell out haha. It was kind of awkward. 
Hey!  so my best buddy ever wants to start writing you guys!   He was my old comp here, aka "my twin" and now he's in Spain!!   I think he'll write first though, so just wait.  Give the email to Dad too so he can reply.   Well that's about everything.  
If you have any questions... ask me Wednesday!  Hopefully the video quality is good haha..... Well love you guys, see you soon!!    
Elder Wheelwright

                                                Veggies on the sunburn???

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