Monday, December 9, 2013


So this week has been better than the majority of the weeks haha. We've actually found a good number of new people to teach. I told my companion that to be honest I'm getting a little burnt out of the area. I mean its almost been 4 months already.. I was like enough. haha  We walk down the same streets and knock the same houses. I'm ready to go to a new area. So we've been looking for places that we've never been before. And in these places, we've been finding new people to teach. We found this lady with 27 dogs, 17 horses, 3 cats, 7 puppies, and a baby hawk.  She also lives alone too. She told us that the animals are her family. It was pretty great. So that's whats going on with our area right now. Looking for new places to look, and we're finding success with it too.
Our investigator Diego is having some problems right now. He's doing great with everything, reading, praying, he's even stopped smoking (we're on day 10 now! Whoooo!!). But his problem is that he can't find his answer. He's been praying and praying but he can't get an answer. We even knelt down with him in a lesson and he asked God. But still, nothing happened. Its kind of hard for me to see this. Diego appears to be willing and he said he really wants to know if its true. The other day though, we found out the reason why he's not getting it. He came out of nowhere with a bunch of doubts about Joseph Smith and about how it doesn't say his name in the bible. He was catholic before, and his catholic ways are coming out again.. He's letting his doubting get in the way of him knowing the truth. We're not sure what we can do with him.   Ideas?    It's like on the show who wants to be a millionaire. I'm phoning a friend haha.
Downtown is closed for the missionaries now, too much temptation from the beach, that's why its closed. Lame.
We're going to skype again. I'm thinking like at 6 or 7 my time. Whatever works best for you guys. If we can do a multi-chat again, that would be legit.   Find out a way mom?? hahaha. Well yeah, we'll make it happen somehow haha.
This Friday we already have our conference for Christmas! Its already here haha dang. Okay, well.. I think that's it! Oh! thanks for the package thing. I'll be waiting for it anxiously haha.    Sorry for the lack of photos too, the thing is that the computers we use are kind of ghetto and full of viruses, so I don't like to stick my card in anymore..sorry!! Today we're on a lock down in our house..haha. The police in Mar Del Plata are on strike and aren't working. So there are no police in the comforting haha. So our mission president said we have to stay inside..lame! okay well gotta run! Chau!! Love you guys!!

Elder Wheelwright

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