Monday, March 24, 2014

Hola familia! 
This week the email will be super short because I don't have a lot of time...grrr... it always happens. But yeah, this week was cool. We worked super hard and even more harder, but...we only found some mediocre one super cool. No one came to church this Sunday (in terms of investigators)...wahhh... :(    But I'm still going to keep going. It seems like that world just wants to stop me from working and yeah. I'm never going to give up.  I had more problems with my comp this week. But yeah, I'll be okay. Just gotta endure to the end. I think I'll miss him though when its all over. last minute things... anyone want stuff..?? haha. you have to tell me by next Monday when I'm on the computer...cuz thats my last time writing.. UGH!  I'm freaking out, but a friend gave me some advice to just enjoy the time I have left without thinking of the future and what is going to happen. Apparently you can enjoy life better with doing this...haha. I'm going to try it out. 
Okay I love you family! CHAU!!!

Elder Wheelwright

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