Monday, March 10, 2014


Yeah, so I'm basically freaking out. I dont have a ton of time, so I have to do this super quick! I'm not getting along with my comp at all.  I'm not going to throw in a whole lot of details, but you can read about it all in my journal..haha... yikes!
 I'll get a new temple reccomend at the end of my mission from Presidente ParreƱo, so its all good.   So I leave at night or in the morning on tuesday april 8th.. so I'll get home wednesday April 9th.. 
So yeah, here in Millamapu, were having a little bit of a rough patch. Besides the fact of not working in unity, no one wants to listen to us at all. We do have one investigator who promised that she will come to church next week. its a giant family too, so were going to teach her daughters and stuff if we can. She's a little wierd and protective, but yeah. And she talks a ton too.  Its almost impossible teaching. But she teaches her kids good values... like no swearing, no leaving to go to clubs at night, no smoking and drinking, etc. its awesome. She's practically already mormon. Also.. her boyfriend (who she won't let live in her house at all unless she has a ring) is mormon and inactive. Sooo yeah. That's basically is what we have going on for us right now. 
Something funny happend this week, we were walking and a big trunk passed by and he splashed us with mud and water and stuff. I just laughed my head off haha, but my comp was super mad! hahaha see the pictures. 
Okay so yeah, Ive got to run! Love you guys!!! CHAU!!

Elder Wheelwright

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