Monday, March 17, 2014

Hi mom! Oh...and family!! 
We´re doing better now, I'm  just trying to battle his lazy problems now, but that's okay. we're going to get rid of that super fast! So yeah, the giant family isn't great at all. They had huge potential, but we dropped them because the mom basically told us that she has her church and that she's scared to go to ours and yeah... wont commit and makes excuses. They were so great though!!! 
Okay so I don't have a ton if time to write, so I'll just make this super short! 
This week we did an extra reinforcement in our area. A Reinforcement is when lots of missionaries come to work in your area to help you out. I asked the zone leaders to do it.  But we found lots of people in our area! It was awesome, but when we passed by for a second time,.... it wasn't so great. No one wanted to listen to us. Sad day. This area has really gotten me down recently. 
But something interesting happened to me this Sunday. It was awesome and a miracle for me. So recently I've been super worried about not having success and results here. That I'm ending my mission and have nothing to show for it. On Saturday, I was talking to this lady in our branch, she's super awesome. We happened to cross her in the street. I was like yeah, we're going to go visit this lady, hopefully to find some results. On Sunday, she randomly came up to me after sacrament meeting. And she was like, Elder Wheelwright, I've really been thinking about what you said to me yesterday about having results. You're doing your job, planting seeds. Sometimes results aren't necessary to know that you're doing a good thing. She then shared her conversion experience with me. About how there weren't any results in 6 months with her. They didn't want anything to do with what the missionaries were saying. But the simple seed that was planted, grew in the end. Really... hearing that brought me so much peace. It strengthened my testimony that God loves me and that he is aware of everything that happens in my life, he knows my worries too. The Hermana Soria told me exactly what i needed to hear, when I needed to hear it. It was my awesome experience of the week. I'm super excited to still have 3 weeks left to work, I know its hard and it wont get any easier. But I will prevail! 
I love you guys so much, thanks for always being a solid support for me in everything. <3 
p.s.... any last minute stuff you guys want.. let me know. haha don't be afraid to tell me! Chau!

Elder Wheelwright

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