Monday, March 3, 2014


To answer your question, yeah I'm a medium now. Its a great time to come home, because all the snow stuff is on clearance! haha yesss! time for new snow pants and a new jacket! :D :D :D I want to look at stuff too. Do you think there will still be stuff when I'm at home?    I miss the rain, in Bahia it doesn't rain as much as Mar Del Plata....lame.    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAD ON FRIDAY!!! :D :D hahaha.
My area here in Millamapu is pretty hard, I'm not going to lie. I'm trying to keep a really great attitude, but its kind of hard. We're going to have success here no matter what! My companion is doing okay. We don't have the same goal and the same mindset. I'm working like mad and focusing on finding people, and he only wants to stop by less actives that he's made friends with. My ZLs and DL understand the situation though, so they just try to help me out. Its like a secret effort behind my companions back, but still.. its necessary.
Okay, I know I've asked this a million times..but is there anything else that you guys want me to buy from here?   I'm down to my last days of doing it, so let me know!
Ohh, so yesterday we had stake conference and I got to see all the converts from Villa Harding Green. They are all still super strong!   The mom Rosana has a calling teaching primary! :D   Its the best, its a super blessing being able to see that. That's why I'm not super bitter about being here anymore. I think of it like this... I get that blessing of seeing them, in trade for being in the area where I'm at now. haha. Just kidding, it's not that bad.
Okay, so this week our focus is find and find and find and find. We need investigators, we basically don't have any.   So this weeks email will be a little short, sorry.  Next week I hope to have lots of stories to tell about our success! It's going to happen, so be prepared for it!
 People keep asking me if I'm trunky...and the answer is nooooo. haha. I'm really not, I mean I'm super excited to go home and see you guys and all, but I'm super sad more than anything. I don't want to leave! They are going to have to drag me to the airport.. but yeah. This is part of the mission, the transition back into the real world...but hey, that's in 5 weeks... I've got plenty of time. I'm just going to go convert the world! haha   Okay I gotta run! I love you guys!! Chau!! :):) :) :)

Elder Wheelwright

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